[ 13. Jul 2009 ]

Patras Refugee Camp Burned to the Ground

Refugee homes in Patras on fire

In the early hours of Sunday, July 12, 2009 the refugee settlement adjacent to the port of Patras was evicted and "mysteriously" set on fire during a police operation.


According to eye-witness reports, the police cordoned off the area surrounding the settlement at about 5 a.m. Four greek citizens in solidarity who were near the settlement were immediately detained. Moments later the cops started ID'ing and arresting the refugees inside the camp. At the same time, a fire "mysteriously" started from one end of the settlement - while the police were present in the settlement. The fire burnt for a few hours, destroying a large part of the settlement. The houses not burnt were demolished later.

The smoke of the fire makes it evidently clear: The greek state is resorting to totalitarian, fascist practices as a last resort to cover up the lack of whatever legitimacy it previously enjoyed - and to desperately grip control of the situation. Through the flames, we can see: The state's "social peace" is war; the tranquility and quiet safeguarded by the "ordinary people just doing their job", is death.

Source ::, Sunday, July 12, 2009.