[ 17. Aug 2016 ]

The situation of the migrants is getting worse day by day

Statement by refugees of the l'avenue de Flandre, Paris, which have to bear the daily consequences of racist politics.


The situation of the migrants is getting worse day by day, for several reasons. Among these reasons, what we are living in the streets.

We suffer not to find help and consideration. We suffer to live in the cold and sickness. The situation is extremely painful, as you can note in the public space. We came through the sea, risking our lives. Once arrived in France, the government refuses to receive us, refuses to host us, refuses the possibility for us to gather, and even refuses us water and food. We came in this country to apply for asylum, not to have our rights denied. We have no support, no shelter, no camp, we have to sleep in the public space, under bridges, metro, or along the canal in Paris. Every day the police expels us and chases us, in the small streets like in the big ones, they arrest us, put us in cells and in jail. Among us there are women, children, a lot of women alone and pregnant, babies, chased by the police who arrests them and doesn’t offer them any solutions except being chased again day by day. What is unbelievable is that the police is violent, and you are witnesses.

The refugees right’s tells that police is not allowed to use violence against us. The authorities justify their actions by saying they fear terrorism. On which base France could be a democratic state as we have no signs of human rights and refugees protection ? The government should protect us. The main issue is that the government come every day to put pressure on us instead of being interested in our situations. We claim for the respect of our rights. France is seen as the country of human rights, but where are those rights ?

What we see is that French government is the enemy of migrants. Where are the organisms in charge of protection ? We have fled, we have too much suffered in the streets, we ask authorities and organizations in charge to be concerned about refugees.

Stop to police violence.
Houses and papers for all.
Freedom of movement and installation for all.

Source ::, 15. Aug 2016, where you can find the french statement, too: La situation des migrants empire de jour en jour.