[ 24. Aug 2009 ]

Detention centre construction site firebombed!

Dedention centre under fire

On 23. August 2009, a detention centre under construction in Rotterdam, Netherlands, was sabotaged - a big part burned down. Here you find the admission statement.


Detention centre construction site firebombed!


In the early hours of August 23rd we sabotaged the construction of a new migrant-detention centre at the Fairoaksbaan, Rotterdam Airport in The Netherlands. We set fire to the on-site offices used by the management of the planning and construction companies responsible for the construction. All companies involved in planning, design, construction and exploitation make a profit out of the incarceration of people, ahead of their deportation. They support the repressive system that seeks to break the dignity of migrants, exploit and even murder them.
Our action is aimed at stopping the construction of Fortress Europe. It will certainly not be the last effort to break down walls and fences.
The action was planned to coincide with the start of the international No-Border Camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. We call on everyone to set fire to the systems that seek to destroy people.

Yours truly,
The Anarchist Fire

Source ::, 23. Aug 2009