[ 05. Nov 2009 ]

Abolish deportations! Manifestation at deportation prison in Vienna

The authorities in Austria are planing a mass deportation together with other EU member states to Gambia and Nigeria. Call for a manifestation on Thursday, 5th of November, 2009 in Vienna.


Abolish deportation!

On Thursday, Nov 5 2009 a nation-wide day of action will be taking place, demanding free education for everyone, from kindergartens to university.

For the same day a mass-deportation of asylum-seekers to Nigeria and Gambia is scheduled. Recently the authorities were increasingly employing special charter-flights for deportation, hiding this violent practice from the public consciousness while at the same time hindering potential protest. We intend to show those in detention for deportation that there are people out there who stand up against the racist practice of Fortress Europe.

Therefore, we ask you to join us in front of the detention centre "Rossauer Lände" before, during or after the protest for free eduction! Fight racism, on the streets, at university, in school or at work - everywhere!

Protest: 2pm at PAZ detention center, Rossauer Lände 7-9, 1090 Vienna

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