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NL: Occupation of the deportation centre Zestienhoven

STOP DC 16, Rotterdam, March 25, 2010

25th of March 2010, Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is 5 am as roughly 50 activists begin the occupy the prospective deportation centre Zestienhoven, 100 meters from the airport.


The "DC 16" is still under construction, but starting from next June it will imprison 576 men, women and children before their deportation. Several activists chain themselves to the main entrance, whilst 25 others climb onto the roof of the building unfolding the banner "SHAME!" and enter the premises.

At the blockaded entrance to the building site all workers (some of them migrants) are being sent home. The police negotiate to no avail – in fact, they are afraid, that the activists might blow up the gas depot located on the site. Here it must be noted, that an arson last summer had destroyed the barrack of the building site. As the police realize, that no one had come to blow up whatsoever, they proceed to action (with great helicopter support). Upon their intervention, precious time for the extension of the occupation is already won.

Even though all activist are photographed by the police during the day, the group still manages to evade searches and identity checks for the activists which are not chained to the entrance as they leave. And after useless orders, the police begin to cut the chains. All chained up activists are arrested. Hereupon, the identities of the activists on the roof are checked, which takes another two hours. Then at 5:15 pm (after a twelve hour occupation) the police also manages to arrest the group on the roof. In order to get onto the roof, they hid in a barrel which was lifted onto it by a crane.

The 33 activists are accused with the following: noncompliance with police orders (art. 183), violation of the public peace (Art. 461), indecent behaviour (Art. 138). Those on the roof top are also being accused of damage to property (Art. 350). The next day a noisy protest is organized demanding their release. On the same day at about midnight, all are free again, also the accusation of damage to property are withdrawn.

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