[ 28. Dec 2012 ]

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna evicted by police

Evition of the Refugee Protest Camp Vienna by police on 28th of December 2012.

It was 4 a.m. of the 28th of December 2012, when the protest camp in Sigmund-Freud-Park was surrounded by estimated 200 policemen/ women. They came from all sides and announced that the Camp must be cleared within 5 minutes. Approx. 3 1/2 hours later the eviction was completed.


As a first step a plainclothes officer visited the camp and left at 3:45 a.m. after a short stay at the camp fire. About 15 Minutes later, the camp was surrounded by a massive force of police. Through an announcement the people were informed that the camp had to be vacated within 5 minutes. The announcement was made only in German, although it was known that many of the people at the camp do not speak German. In doing so the police referred to an enactment about camping from 1985.

The identity of all those present was determined, some also photographed. The whole place was illuminated, all tents were numbered, the people who had been inside the tents were forced to stand before the tents, where they were photographed and filmed from all sides.

To at least four people administrative penalties were announced. It is currently unknown whether there had been arrests, but three refugees are missing and it is assumed that they were arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, several trucks drove into the park, construction workers and policemen began to destroy all the tents and the inventory. The remains were loaded with a gripper onto the waiting trucks, while the activists were prevented from rescuing stuff from the camp. The tractor, the kitchen car and a bus were removed by a company named "Toman". The press was present from the beginning and the police was filming the whole procedure, while activists were prevented from documenting the official act.

In the church Votivkirche, where refugees from the camp are on hunger strike, an employee of the Caritas declared, that police is not allowed to enter the church without the consent of the pastor. She also emphasized that the Caritas is caring for the people in the church and that those who want to leave the church can do so, but would not be allowed to reenter.

By 7:30 the eviction was completed.

The eviction was solely initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Solidarity Demonstrations

On the occasion of the eviction of the RefugeeProtestCamp Vienna and the arrest of two refugee activists

On Saturday Dec. 29 there will be demonstrations in some cities in solidarity with the refugeecamp in Vienna.

We will rise! Demonstration against the eviction of the RefugeeProtestCamp under false pretenses and in solidarity with the biggest selforganized protests of asylum seekers in recent history!
Date: Saturday, 29.12., 4.30 pm

Meeting point: Sigmund-Freud-Park (former RefugeeProtestCamp)

The demonstration is registered! Route: Sigmund-Freud-Park - PAZ Rossauerlände - Ministry of Interior - Bundeskanzleramt (Chancelor's Office) - Sigmund-Freud Park

Come all! Bring your cooking pots! Together we are strong and loud!

Solidarity demonstrations are also planned in Linz, Salzburg and Munich! We will rise!