[ 05. Mar 2013 ]

Demo for immediate release of Shahjahan Khan and Naveed Kashmiri!

Bleiberecht für alle!

Demonstration on Wednesday, 6th of March at 4 pm from Servitenkloster (entrance Müllnergasse, near metro U4 Rossauer Lände) to police detention centre Hernalser Gürtel. Shahjahan Khan and Naveed Kashmiri are right now in that deportation prison.


Call from :: Refugee Protest Camp Vienna

update: Shahjahan Khan has been released from deportation prison today, the demonstration nevertheless will take place.

Stop taking hostage of refugees on struggle!
No deportation to Pakistan and elsewhere!

Shahjahan Khan und Naveed Kashmiri are right now in deportation prison inside police detention centre Hernalser Gürtel. Both of them have been struggling with great efforts during the last few months for humane living conditions and for a safe stay in Austria. Both of them have been arrested during the last two weeks in front of the Votiv church when the police was repeatedly hunting refugees around the church, with the aim to discourage and destroy the protest by repression.

Shahjahan Khan was one of those who acted as speekers of the refugees inside Votiv church, bringing their demands to public attention and struggling for a solution in negotiations. His state of health is critical: He's still weakened by weeks of hunger strike inside Votiv church, he recently had an operation and in prison, he went again on hunger strike due to his desperate situation. Every new day in prison means playing with his health and with his life!

Shahjahan Khan and Naveed Kashmiri, two brave fighters for human rights, are being punished and taken hostage for the policies of an interior minister who hasn't had any other reply for the refugees' demands, but ignorance and repression, so far.

Our friends in prison, as activists of the refugee movement, have set the criticism against an inhumane asylum system and the demand for fundamental human rights, not depending on passport and origin, on the political agenda - now its up to us to fight for their liberation!

After moving out from Votiv church, the refugee protest continues at Servitenkloster. Shahjahan Khan and Naveed Kashmiri must be there, too!
They have been taken away from us, we are missing them!