[ 13. Aug 2013 ]

Stop Pakistani embassy's collaboration for deportations!

Protest  @ pakistani embassy on 1st of August 2013.

Wednesday, 14th of August: Protest rally at Pakistani embassy against collaboration for deportations. No more issuing of traveling papers for deportations! Stop deportation business!


Protest rally at Pakistani embassy:
Wednesday, 14th of August (Pakistani independence day!), at 10am
Place: Hofzeile 13, 19th district, Vienna

How to get there: take U4 Heiligenstadt, then take bus 10A and get out at Gunoldstraße,
or take S-Bahn S45 and get out at: Oberdöbling

8 activists of Vienna refugee protest have recently been deported - most of them to Pakistan. More of the participants of Vienna refugee protest who have received negative asylum decisions and many more Pakistani refugees from all over Austria are now under urgent threat to be deported to Pakistan as well. They are threatened to be deported to a country where their lives and their freedom are threatened by terror through Taliban and numerous other groups as well as by persecution through state security forces. They are threatened to be deported to a country where people are killed day by day by bomb blasts and by western armies' "war on terrorism".

We are very worried about the lives and the freedom of those refugees who already got deported to Pakistan, as up to now, there is no proper information about what happened to them.

Pakistani embassy is playing a major key role for the ongoing deportations: It's them who are issuing traveling certificates for deportations to the Austrian authorities. It's the embassy who is trading the lives of refugees for political interests between Austrian and Pakistani state authorities. Austrian institutions pay money to the embassies for every deportation traveling certificate. Moreover, the present deportations to Pakistan are a result of a recent agreement between Austrian and Pakistani politicians, linking economic interests with the collaboration for deportations.

Let's make as much pressure as possible against Pakistani embassy not to issue any further traveling documents for deportations!

Stop the cynical collaboration of embassies with inhumane Austrian deportation policies!