[ 07. May 2018 ]

1st of May: remember Marcus Omofuma!

Marcus Omofuma

On 1st of May 1999, Marcus Omofuma was killed inside an airplane by Austrian police men who wanted to deport him to Lagos/Nigeria. Marcus Omofuma was gagged to death, his mouth taped, to break his resistance.


The murderers got away with petty sentences. The minister of interior of that time - Karl Schlögel - never had to face any consequences. A number of people who moved out to demand justice for Marcus Omofuma and an end to racist police brutality were smeared and criminalised as alleged "drug dealers", several of them being sent to jail for years as a result of "Operation Spring".

It is our duty to fight to let this never happen again!
It is our duty to keep resisting and fighting to stop ALL deportations, to break the deportation chain, to overcome colonial and racist injustice!

Marcus Omofuma, Rest In Power!

Source :: Stay.Love.Resist
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