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[ 31. Aug 2004 ]

New website on work and migration

this tuesday

Neue website zum Thema prekäre Arbeit und Migration.
New website on precarious work and migration. Logs on migration, labor, transnational organizing


Every tuesday is This Tuesday!

On August 31st, this weblog was launched. In the next three month it will be updated every tuesday with a selection of edited material on specific topics in addition to your personal logs on migration, labor and organizing. Stay tuned!

During and after two international meetings (the Tie-conference in Germany and the WSIS-we seize events in Geneva) at the end of 2003 the idea was developed to build up a transnational website on the issues of precarious labor and migration. The participants of the meetings and later members of the editorial team came from different continents and different political and oranizational backgrounds, but all agreed on the fact, that it would be necessary and useful to create a platform for exchange and communication on a global level, to share experiences and to inspire the multiplicity of struggle, no matter if local, regional or nation-wide.

In February 2004, during NEURO-networking europe in Munich, a first version of the website was set up under the domain of THIS TUESDAY. Some groups, organisations and initiatives had sent presentations of their work, and first background articles were collected; also the design and structure of the website got a positive feedback. But besides a few more articles and informations there was not that much traffic during the last few months.

Now the second step of THIS TUESDAY is started: the aim is not only to update and to extend the website regularily on every tuesday, but also to initiate a more interactive process of communication and exchange. From the very beginning it was clear: THIS TUESDAY should not remain another more or less interesting archive. The crucial question is, whether and how a web-based platform may contribute to facilitate the lively exchange and mutual inspiration on a transnational level. The aim within the next months is to open up various debates and campaigns around the field of precarious work and migration.

"Every tuesday is THIS TUESDAY". On a weekly basis a different project, campaign or debate is presented and portrayed. And we hope, that an increasing number of activists, theorists, researchers and organizers will participate and use the site for general debates as well as for concrete practices. So we are looking forward to many comments and contributions!
Your Editorial Team

Rights for a global subproletariat?

"every tuesday" starts today with a text about the UN-convention for the protection of the rights of migrant-workers. The article is written by Corinna Genschel, Thomas Hohlfeld and Dirk Vogelskamp from the comitee for basic human rights and democracy (Grundrechtekomitee) in Germany and it refers in its later parts to the european and german context. But the text touches mainly general estimations and questions concerning the conditions of migrant workers all over the globe and of course, this UN(!)convention could be seen as a catalysator for discussions about migrant workers rights in all continents...