[ 26. Sep 2007 ]

First Black EU Women Congress

2007 has been declared by the European Union to be the European Year for Equal Opportunities for All. The International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives (AFRA) is taking this as a challenge to organise the 1. Black European Women’s Congress from September 27-29 2007 in Vienna Austria.


Under the Patronage of the President of the Austrian National Assembly, Ms. Barbara Prammer, the 1. Black European Women’s Congress intends to bring together black women from different European countries to get to know each other, share information and Strategies from their own perspectives, to improve living conditions of black women and children in Europe with reference to equal opportunities for all.

During the 2 days congress Participants will listen to keynote speakers, take part in discussions and working groups etc with the intention of coming up with recommendations and a plan of action on special needs of black women and children, for policy-makers both at national and European level.

The congress and the context in which it is being organised, presents a unique opportunity for black women across Europe, not only to meet each other and share Information, but also to create a network of black European women for the purpose of lobbying for the cause of black women and children in Europe.

Due to limited resources, the congress language shall be English!

Themes of the Congress

Themes of the congress have been carefully selected by the team of black women with working experience both in practice and theory. This information will as background paper to enable participants prepare for the congress.

The congress intends to address 5 main themes which are part of the key challenges and or obstacles to the realization of equal opportunity for all from the perspective of migrants especially black women.

1. Identity and (Self) empowerment (definition/perceptions strategies)
2. Challenges faced by the young generation of black children and youths (absence of role models, challenges, role of parents, education, environment, networking and empowerment
3. Psychosocial conflicts affecting the black communities (availability and access to health and psychosocial services)
4. Qualification and access to the labour market (recognition of qualifications from countries of origin, strategies towards a non discriminatory access European labour market for black women etc)
5. Political participation (in both public (formal) and private (informal) sectors

Participation in the congress

The target group of the congress are black European women of African heritage who are active in the area of migration and human rights in their countries, and who are interested in exchanging, networking and developing a common lobby at the European level.

Criteria for participation

* Be a black woman member of/appointed by an organisation working with black women and youths in one of the 27 EU member states
* Be a black women activists, artist, writer etc.
* Have the capacity to communicate by Email
* Have a good command of the English language both in speaking, understanding and writing.
* Be interested in exchange, networking and common lobby at the European level

More information:

Tel: +43-(0)1-804 65 01-0
Khleslplatz 12, 1120 Wien, Austria