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[ 22. Jul 2009 ]

21 JULY 2009: Calais migrants resist eviction and deportation!

Migrants on the French/ British border successfully resisted eviction and forced deportation yesterday. A handful of police raids were resisted by patrols of legal observers accompanied by journalists and cameramen, though at least 4 Afghans were taken by snatch squads.


Many migrants left their homes in Calais for Belgium or further afield once a report was leaked that French police were planning an 'ethnic cleansing' of the Calais area. These measures are part of an 'administrative agreement' between Gordon Brown and Nicholas Sarkozy discussed (with immigration ministers Besson and Woolas in tow) in Evian, France on the 7th July 2009 prior to the G8.

However, the Mayor of Calais has announced a likely clearing of the jungle sometime in October. Eric Besson, the immigration minister has already promised to "faire disparaitre" or "disappear" unwanted migrants and they still remain under constant threat of violence, detention and deportation.

Activists intend to stay on the ground in Calais as long as possible to offer medical and legal assistance. They intend to work with migrants to build treehouses, solar showers and other exciting bits and pieces. If you want to come to Calais and help, or raise awareness of these issues in your local area please get in contact!

Source ::, 22. July 2009