[ 30. Nov 2009 ]

Hostility And Racism Runs Rampant In Morocco Against Migrant Blacks

The Morocco immigration laws and policies that exempted the Asians would-be migrants, these includes: Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh, Afganistan and Palestinian, into europe in an irregular manners from being arrested should also exempt the sub-saharan Africans too because, the mission of both sides is getting into europe illegally. This is partiality and injustice.


Despite several arrests and deportations of undocumented African migrants, recognized UN refugees were not left out, as those with refugee Status by UNHCR issued in Morocco were also raided and dumped in Algeria/Morocco border. This shows that refugee status has no value in this country. Because their rights are not respected in Morocco, on Thursday 02 July 2009, refugees from sub sahara Africa made a 10-day sit in peaceful protest at the premises of UNHCR to press for their rights, including resettlement to a third country, were forcefully evacuated on the behest of the authorities, (including many women and children). At least 4 refugees were seriously injured and had to be brought to a hospital and one of them is in a critical state. Five refugees, Ivorian and four Congolese, were tried for violence against law enforcement during the attacked. They were sentenced to one month imprisonment plus 500 drahams fine (50 euros). They have since been released.

On Monday, Oct 19, 2009, fifty migrants were arrested in an operation carried out by Police district 3 of hay nadha, Rabat. They were escorted to the border between Algeria and Morocco. Again, Morocco authorities have dropped about fifty people in Kandahar called "neutral Zone" to 55 km from the Moroccan-Mauritanian border. Most of these African migrants are from Mali. It should be remembered that this area is dangerous to human lives because of land mines. Mauritanian Red Crescent responded by bringing some migrants to center in Nouadhibou and the other party will join the center soon.

The authority should not wait until the sub-saharan Africans "revolt" against all this mistreatments. If it happens,the morocco security agents will have more migrants, about 15,000 to shoot at sight. To avoid this, we are calling on world leaders to please interceed to address this issue before the situation get out of hand unlike the current situation going on in Italy and France.

The world conservative leaders that are signatories to the new security programs and immigration policies should bear it in mind that, a day, we all going to answer the call of the creator.Then,whatever we hold in our palms shall drop " THE END " is the end of cinema.

*Our stand:* Why is there globalization that has come to stay? "some see globalization as a destructive influence". Why is there intercontinental football or athletic competitions? Why is there world cup and olympic tournaments? Why is there international cultural exhibitions? Concerned believe that the purpose is to promote Love, peace and unification of the continents as one world. If this is correct, then, the leaders should please put into consideration and promote the issue of "global citizenship". Free movement, no borders controls, migration is a basic human right and no to immigration bashing.

For: Concerned Migrants Group (C-M-G) Worldwide.

Article by Concerned Migrants concerned.migrants (at)