[ 31. Aug 2010 ]

Police raid against migrants in Oujda, Morocco

Sunday nigtht the moroccan security forces conducted a heavy raid against more than one hundred refugees in Oujda. They destroyed or burnt their simple dwellings in the forests and all their belongings.


The more than hundred refugees - women with small children and wounded persons between them - were kept in small cells during the day,
the police took their digital fingerprints and took photos of all of them. Afterwards they were brought to the desertic frontier zone of Algeria and Morocco. Refugees who found their way back to Oujda reported that the raid was extraordinary violent.

The ABCDS says that this event has to be seen as part of the strategy of the moroccon goverment to please the European Union to foster the integration process (integration means to get the status of priviliged partnership) and that Morocco is engaged in a kind of war against the migrants. It seems to be new that digital fingerprints are taken and ABCDS suggests that this is because Morocco has agreed to "feed" Eurodac with data concerning the migranst so that Europe can send evrybody proofed to have come from Morocco directly back there instead of having to send them back to their homelands.

ABCDS press release