[ 24. Oct 2010 ]

Delay and foot-dragging of the District court of Magdeburg in the case of Oury Jalloh

Break the Silence: Oury Jalloh - Murdered by Cops

Press release of THE VOICE Refugee Forum and the PLATAFORMA of migrants and refugees, Berlin, 18. October 2010.


After the first trial ended as a farce, the federal court (Bundesgerichtshof) in Karlsruhe annulled the acquittal of Andreas Schubert last January and the beginning of the new process in Magdeburg was set for this October. However, it is now clear that this decision was merely an attempt to alleviate the pressure from the street. The process is now delayed and postponed, just like the first trail. This is another proof that the legal system of Germany has no interest in uncovering the truth or do justice with the family and friends Jalloh.

Berlin October 2010: The District Court of Magdeburg said on the 6th of October that the trial concerning the death of Oury Jalloh will not begin on the anticipated date on the 25th of October. Apparently the defendant Andreas Schubert is suffering from a severe physical illness. A medical examination of Schubert by an official doctor was ordered. The final results are not yet available.

On the 12th of October it was finally made clear that the trial is postpone to the 12th of January 2011 . This is not the first time this trial has been postponed because of an alleged sickness of Mr. Schubert.

It is our opinion, that the district court of Magdeburg is not concerned with the clarification of the circumstances of Oury Jalloh's death. Just like in the first trial, that began two years after the death Jalloh, cover-up lies and impunity is to be expected form the court. The charge against Mr. Schubert is still "infliction of grievous bodily harm resulting in death". Whether the option of a murder is being investigated remains unclear. We are convinced that our brother Oury was murdered. We do not speak of a structural murder, or negligent failure of the system, but by deliberate killing, in which almost all police officers present at the Dessau police station on the 5th of January 2005, are involved. This was made possible by the smears and the lies of the Dessau police force.

In the case of Laye Alama Condé as well, on 29th of April 2010 the Supreme Court decided the case for a retrial in a court in Bremen. Since then, nothing has been heard about the case and the date of the trial remains unknown.

This is not merely a failure of the system to act with the necessary promptness or vigo, this is a deliberate strategy of the German legal system to the slow down processes of justice and to silence the protest against the impunity of the exacutive forces in the country. "Delayed justice is a rejected Justice" says Yufanyi Mbolo of organisation The VOICE. While we were fighting for Justice, some of us activists were racially controlled, humiliated, arrested and prosecuted. Even now, after the murder of Oury Jalloh and Laye Condé there are still mysterious deaths related to the German racist system and the police force. Police violence and particularly racist police brutality became a part of our Fate.

Despite, and perhaps because we do not expect any justice from the new trial, it must also be critically observed by an independent group of legal practitioners, human rights activists and affected persons. This Observation of the process is not to be understood as a legitimization of the cover-up done by the court but as a delegation to document the trial and its results. We will follow both cases very critically and are still demanding truth, justice and compensation for the family of Oury Jalloh and Laye Alama Condé.

The cases of Oury Jalloh and Laye Alama Condé, are merely two cases that did not get justice in their judicial proceedings, but they are only a part of many cases of police brutality which ended with death; N'deye Mareame Sarr, Halim Dener, John Achidi, Zdravko Nikolov Dimitrov, Aamir Ageeb, Arumugasamy Subramaniam, Dominique Koumadio and many others are victims of the German police and its racist impunity. Their cases were not even brought to in front of a court.

Almost 6 years after the bestial death of Oury Jalloh in cell No. 5 in Dessau we continue to say: Oury Jalloh - that was murder!

and demand: Break the Silence! Truth! Justice! Compensation!

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