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[ 12. Dec 2011 ]

Break isolation, stop deportation! Experiences and possibilities of refugee liberation struggle

Break isolation, stop deportation!

The initiative 1st March - Transnational Migrant Strike invites to an event with Mr. Rex Osa / The Voice Refugee Forum (Germany), on Monday, 19th of December 2011, 7 pm, at: DIDF-Verein, Gudrunstraße 133 (near metro U1 Keplerplatz), 1100 Vienna.


In Austria as well as in other European countries, refugees and migrants are facing a lot of threats and discriminations. Racist state institutions are forcing people to live in fear of deportation, limitate their freedom, and deny them fundamental social rights and working rights.

But there are also examples of refugees who are organising themselves to defend their rights, their freedom and their dignity: The Voice Refugee Forum is an organisation of refugees living in Germany who have been fighting against deportation and social exclusion and for freedom of movement and refugee self determination for more than 10 years. Many deportations could be stopped through this struggle and several refugee isolation camps could be closed down.

Rex Osa of The Voice Refugee Forum wants to share his experience with refugees, migrants, anti-racists and refugee supporters here in Vienna. Based on this, we want to discuss about what we can do: How can refugees and migrants, together with their friends, get more organised for their rights? How can we defend each other against deportations, considering that Vienna is a hot-spot of deportation, even including interational charter mass deportation flights? How can we strengthen each other against the fear and insecurity created by state authorities?

Come along, we are pleased to meet You!

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