[ 12. Mar 2012 ]

Oury Jalloh - it was murder!

Manifestation in Dessau on 7th of January 2012 in remembrence of Oury Jalloh - it was murder!

A rally organised by the local group of Afrique Europe Interact in Vienna. Come to the German embassy in Vienna and make this murder public! Tue, 13th of march 2012, 12:00 noon.


7 years ago, Oury Jalloh was murdered in a police cell in Dessau, while he was fixed with hands and feet on a fire-resistant mattress. The responsable officer had turned off the fire alarm and deactivated the interphone, although he noticed Oury Jalloh screaming. Oury Jalloh died from heat schock in his cell; he was accused to have started the fire himself. At that time, the public prosecutor started the investigations only unwillingly. It took two years until the process began, which reveiled that his body showed traces of physical abuse. However, the two police officers only faced a charge of "bodily injury caused by negligence" or rather "bodily harm with fatal consequences" and not of homicide; in 2008 both have been acquitted by the Regional Court of Dessau. In Januar 2010 the Federal Court of Justice repealed the judgement against one of the officers. Since then the process is ongoing. On the 13th of march it will be decided whether the Court may be accused of being pre judiced, because it wanted to close the proceedings despite endless lying, contradictions and the unexplained circumstances of death. At the same time protests are low by means of intimidation and repression: in Dessau for instance protesters were facing violent police assaults during a commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the death of Oury Jalloh.

Afrique-Europe Interact in Vienna also wants to remind of the assassination of Oury Jalloh and to point to racist incidences in Austria with deadly consequences:

  • Marcus Omufuma 1999
  • Richard Ibekwe 2000
  • Seibane Wague 2003
  • Yankuba Ceesay 2005
  • Gagenpret Singh 2009

Break the silence! Against racist police violence everywhere!