[ 10. Oct 2013 ]

Criminalisation of resitance against deporations - Support S.

Stop deportations

On 28th July 2013 eight persons of the refugee protest in Vienna were arrested and deported during the next two days. On 15th of October one activist has a trial in Korneuburg lower austria. She is accused for resistance against the authorities. Come to support!


For almost a year, activists had been struggling for the freedom of movement, against the border regime of the European Union and the Austrian asylum system. The deportations of those eight people was the response of the government and the police.

The movement reacted to the deportations with numerous protest actions. Attempts to blockade the transporter which were bringing the 8 activists to the airport were brutally evicted by the police - but the actions continued at the airport; leaflets and banners were used to draw attention to the deportations.

S., who was on board of one of the deportation flights, was arrested after protesting against the deportations. Now she is accused of resistance against the state authority.

Therefore, S. will have a process on 15th October 2013 at the regional court of Korneuburg. She is calling for solidarity in court.

S. is not the only person who was affected by the repression targeted at the anti-racist protests. This is no coincidence: Confronting single persons with measures like these is a means of repression against all of us. We won't leave S. alone in this situation!

We will go to Kornneuburg together on the 15th of October and are happy if more people join us!

Meeting point for the train to Kornneuburg is 11:20 a.m. at Praterstern (trainstation) infront of the Wiener Linien information desk. The train is leaving at 11.35 a.m.

The process will be starting at 1:15 p.m. in the regional court of Kornneuburg, Landesgerichtsplatz 1, 2100 Kornneuburg, hall no. 15, room no. LG 042 ground floor.

No Border! No Nation! Stop Deportations!

Fight Repression!

If you want to support S write a mail to support.s (at) - write statements of solidarity, distribute our call-out, cancel your savings account and donate the money to pay the lawyers, organize actions - be creative!

Also in case you have any questions or can offer rides to the place where the process takes place, don't hesistate to contact us.