[ 15. Mar 2016 ]

Stop Deportations - Activism at Vienna International Airport

Abolish the borders from below

On Saturday, 12th of March 2016, the VIE was scene of a public intervention against deportations. A Report by Stop Deportations Vienna.


Austria prides itself on executing one of the strictest asylum laws in Europe. Deportations are its disgusting consequence. A violent denial of self-determined life - with an unpredictable outcome. Over 50,000 deportations are planned to be executed until the year of 2019. This practice needs to be pointed out - so it can be stopped!

The Vienna Airport is a place where deportations constantly take place, which is why it became the scene of a public intervention today. In different areas of the premises, travelers were confronted with a reality that they are used to ignore. Two large banners, dropped from a higher floor, many signs and hundreds of leaflets pointed out to them what is happening at this place every day and informed them how to stop deportations.

After a loud and determined exit, which transformed the airport into a place of resistance, hope remains, that not only the stunned cops and security agents, but also the passengers learned something from this action: Resistance is possible, even in places like this one.

In 2014, every third deportation via plane was stopped by active or passive resistance of the affected person, people who showed solidarity and the commitment of the staff!

Stand up against deportations on your flight! Speak to the people concerned and ask other passengers for support.

Keep your eyes open and interfere! For a world, in which everyone can move freely. A society without deportations is necessary!

[i]Stop Deportations Vienna[i]

This action was happening as a part of the "Abolish the Borders from Below" events series in Vienna. For more infos visit ::

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