[ 29. Jul 2016 ]

Horgos-hunger strike updates

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On the 5th day of the hunger strike, 4 people had a collapse and were brought to hospital. Three of them are back in the hunger strike now, one person is still in the hospital because of heart problems.


Yesterday the Commissariat and the minister for social policy tried to persuade people to put their names on a list, promising them a possibility to wait for a legal entry to Hungary. This option was also offered to people in the parks in Belgrade in the recent days without any further explanation. The base of this offer is very questionable, specially after the latest statement of Orban, where he said that hungary does not need a single migrant.

Apart from the demand for freedom of movement, there is the new demand that the hungerstrikers-camp, should be recognized as a third camp (apart from Horgos camp and Kelebija camp) from where a certain number of people per day can enter Hungary legally.

The atmosphere is very tense due to the hard conditions, still a big number of people is confident and want to continue the strike until they reach their goals.

More police is around in the area where the hungerstrikers are located. There are all in all 3 cars, and a empty police van, that can transport a high number of people. Since the spot is in a border zone where a special permission is needed, people in solidarity might be controlled when they approach the hungerstrikers. Be persistent and creative!

Lets spread the spirit of solidarity, understanding the hard conditions of the struggle of the hungerstrikers. As for us there is no solution "inside" of the system, but we need to reach freedom with the abolition of borders and capital. Locals and migrants - unite the struggle!


As it happened many times before in the history of the self-organized migrant struggle we are witnessing another hunger strike, this time at one of the most militarized borderzones in Europe: the serbian-hungarian border.

After the march from Belgrade to Horgos, about 140 person went on hunger strike, as they see no other way how to protest against the imperialist wars for profit that is affecting peoples lives all over the globe, and against the war which the EU conducts against migrants. The protesters told us, that they are doing the strike for all people who are in a similar situation, and not only for themselves to cross the border. Unfortunately there is not much media coverage, specially not about the political demands.

The people on hungerstrike refuse to take food, tents or any protection from the sun, staying on an open field without any shadow not far from the tents of the people who are waiting to enter the transit zone. Four person was already brought to hospital because of collapse, due to the extreme conditions. After the very hot weather, the whole area was flooded by heavy rain.
As they said they don't need items, tents and water, the only thing they are asking for is a powerful solidarity from all sides to avoid the ignorance of their struggle. Showing physical presence in a common protest on the location is welcomed.
Spread the voice!

first published on July 27th 2016 at :: no border serbia