[ 20. Oct 2009 ]

Abolish deportations! Call for Action

no deportations!

Day of action on Friday, the 23rd of October 2009, 13:00 at and around the Vienna International Airport, Schwechat.


People are deported against their will from the airport Vienna Schwechat almost daily. The right of every person to live where she_he wants is being violated systematically.

The racist logic that privileges certain people holding certain passports while criminalising others is systematic. Often people who endure serious danger, physical exertion and financial exploitation to escape from war, poverty, hunger,... or just want to live somewhere else, are illegalised and exploited without having any access to legal advice, healthcare, education, etc.. Often they wait for years for a residence permit under the most precarious circumstances, just to be arrested, put into detention and later be deported. Many resist deportation – some to the point of death. According to the Austrian Ministery of the Interior e.g., one third of the people in deportation jails are on hunger strike at the moment.

On the 14th of September this year, Ganganpreet Singh died after four weeks of being on hunger strike – but he is no isolated case. Semira Adamu, Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, Marcus Omofuma... are just a few of the people, who had to pay with their lives for resisting. The countless people who, already on their way to Europe, choked in overcrowded transporters oder drowned trying to cross the sea, appear, if at all, only in the side notes of the newspapers.

Resistance already starts outside of detention, at Europe's external borders. Here, everyday people fight with their bodies and by simply being there against the global racism of capitalist nation states, trying to cross these borders. In solidarity with all those fighting directly against the border regime daily, it is necessary to fight for an immediate abolishment of the racist measures of detention and deportation. With a colourful, loud and determined action day at one of the central spots of Austria's deportation system, a clear signal shall be sent!

Think up actions.
Be creative.
Form affinity groups.
Dress like tourists.

Abolish detention!
Abolish deportation!
Freedom of Residence and Movement for everybody!