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[ 03. Jan 2011 ]

In memory of Oury Jalloh who died six years ago

In Remembrance of Oury Jalloh - The German-African Initiative in Dessau - 07. Jan 2010

Break the silence! Stop racist police brutality! Protests on 07. Jan 2011 in Dessau and on 08. and 12. Jan 2011 in Magdeburg.


  • January 7th, 2011 demonstration in Dessau
    - 2pm start of the demonstration, main station
  • January 8th, 2011 demonstration in Magdeburg
    - 1pm start of the demonstration, main station
  • January 12th, 2011 beginning of the trial
    - Mahnwache! Picket and food for everybody from 9am on, court Magdeburg, Halberstädter Str. 8

On January 7th, 2005 Oury Jalloh burnt with his hands and feet tied in a police cell in Dessau. The trial against the accused police man ended with acquit in December 2008. On demand of the Initiative in remembrance of Oury Jalloh the incidental action contradicted against the verdict at the federal court (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) - rightly. On the exact date of the death the BGH confirmed what the Initiative Oury Jalloh and other organisations criticized since a long time:

The trial against the police men in duty was a farce because: Cover-up of the murder of Oury Jalloh, wheeling and dealing of police men, lies and wrong testemonies of witnesses and accused - all without consequences. The BGH decided therefore logically that the trial against one of the accused police men has to start again because the family of the victim has the right to get a legal procedure.

The fear seems to be certified that the supposed revision was only meant to be the attempt to lower the pressure; because now the trial was abducted and postponed just like the first one. This shows once again that the legal system in Germany is not interested in revealing the truth. The accusation against Schubert is "injury which caused death" and still not murder - what we believe.

The essential questions for clearing up were not answered:
  • Who came into the cell directly before the fire burst out and why is it not documented?
  • How could a lighter appear although Oury Jalloh was searched before?
  • How could a completly tied person burn a hardly inflammable and undamaged mattress?
  • Which kind of liquid was on the floor just before the fire started?
  • How broke Oury Jallohs nose, an injury which was not detected in the first autopsy?
  • Where is the video tape of the crime scene and how could it disappear?
  • How could the second pair of handcuffs which was meant to be evidence be thrown away?

That's how the impression evoke that the first trial only served to exonerate the involved police men.

Oury Jalloh - it was murder! All attempts to postpone the trial again and again show the institutional and structural racism in Germany. Never surrender! Never forget!

Participate in the actions!

Source ::, 29. Dez 2010.