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Stop Deportation Hearing - The Colonial Collaboration of the Nigerian Embassy with the German State!

Freedom of movement is everybodies right

Join the protest campaign: Against the deportation hearings in Karlsruhe. Manifestation on Thursday 18th of August 2011, 11 a.m. Durlacher Allee 100 in Karlsruhe.


From Monday 15 - Friday 19 of August 2011, Nigerian Embassy officials will be coming to Karlsruhe to identify Nigerian Asylum seekers for the purpose of issuing travel documents to facilitate their deportation. The identification exercise would be conducted under militant security at the "Asylum Reception Center", Durlach Alle 100, in Karlsruhe. Besides this, the Nigerian embassy does such deportation hearings again and again, each time in another city. Africans from all over Germany have been summoned to show up for such deportation hearings, many of the victims of such procedures have been deported. Deportation hearings are a form of corrupt and neocolonial deportation buisness between Nigerian embassy officials and German authorities at the expense of refugees.

We appeal to all refugee community activists and to all other anti-racists to stand up and protest against deportation hearings! We appeal to all refugees who are concerned of a deportation hearing: Don't support your own deportation! Refusing to attend a deportation hearing or to refuse speaking at the hearing is civil disobedience against deportation business!

Asylum seekers in Europe are routinely denied the right to fair asylum procedures and are faced with deportation threats and abuses through active collaboration of their Country Embassies who issue travel documents to deport them to their alleged home countries.The Nigerian embassys collaboratory role has since 2007 been on massive scandal of collecting corrupt Charges of 500 Euros to facilitate the deportation of each persons seeming to look like Nigerians.

The abusive procedure of deportation hearings

Victims are summoned to appear before a representative of the Nigerian embassy in any of the forced deportation hearing conducted randomly in different German cities.During the embassy hearing, refugees will be questioned by Nigerian embassy officials in order to confirm their Nigerian origin based on their language, their accents or specific words they use. Besides this, embassy officials can also arbitrarily "identify" someone to be Nigerian based on general appearance, the shape of his/her face, traditional scars etc.! It has also been reported that not only Nigerians, but also asylum seekers from Togo, Liberia, Uganda, Sudan, Sierra Leone etc. are been invited to embassy hearings with the Nigerian embassy as well.The identification exercise and its militant approach has continued to traumatise refugees and migrant victims through massive abuse as many are brought in by the police on Handcuffs like criminals.The same refugees who have excaped persecution from their home countries are forced to appear in front of officials of the same Regime that has caused them to flee.

The hypocrite role of Nigerian embassy officials

Mr Okoye Alias Ambassador has since 2008 justified this collaboration with his dicy role during a delegation visit to demand a stop to mobile hearings in 2008. The then Ambassador Ridmap agreed to consider to stop all forms of mobile hearing as demanded by a delegation of activist who visited the Embassy at the heat of the campaign in 2008.

Mr Ahmed as Counsular Officer represents the Embassys at the deportation hearings and takes also the duty of an external BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) official mandated to question and reassess refugees stories during the identification exercise.

The Question of criteria for issuing travelling certificates thrown to the Ambassador was ignored and the Nigerian Embassy continues to succumbs to the imposed personal datas from the deportation authorities without verifying its authenticity. There has been several cases of double date of Birth, Nationality, and Names which the Embassy hesitates to question. Amongst those faced with such identification exercises are Asylum seekers unjustly denied the right to protection or punished for resistance against German state repression i.e "violation of the Apartheid Restriction to freedom Movement" and also migrants that are forcefully seperated from their partners, children and family members through the influence of the racist authorities.

Resistance and civil disobedience is possible

Many times, refugees and other anti-racists initiated protest actions against deportation hearings. Moreover, many refugees decided to boycott deportation hearings, even if they were facing strong pressure from the authorities. Many of those who refused attending an embassy hearing were able to stop their own deportation successfully and to win time to find alternative solutions for their own situation. But the civil disobedience of refugees also needs active solidarity and support!

Let's break isolation, show your protest against the Nigeria deportation hearing in Karlsruhe on 18th of August 2011!

Let's make pressure against the embassies to end the corrupt and neocolonial collaboration with German deportation authorities!

Stop the Deportations!
Abolish the Residential Obligation!
Break the Isolation of Refugees - Close down the Isolation Lagers Camps!

Unite Against Colonial Injustice!

More Information - Testimony (english translation from the french text):

Nigerian Embassy collaboration with the German autority to deport Republic of Benin citizen to Nigeria (2009).

For Public Interest:

Salomon Wantchoucou is a political and human right activist in the republic of Benin.

I was born in the Republic of Benin by a south african mother and living in Benin and South Africa. I equally made my profesional education in this two lands; for this reasons I speaks the languageS of his countries Fon, french and english.

In relations to my political engagement and activities in the Rep of Benin whereby he emphasised on the critism of States Political systems and corruptions which were been practiced by the elites. All these practicis hinders the developement of our country he saids.

My political criticism lead to the secret planification of assasination attempts on my life by the my political counterparts in Rep of Benin in 2001 during the presidential electorale campagne.
Unfortunately the gun shot fired, the bullet did not get to his chest or heart rather got my left hand. After his first treatement in cotonou, he had automatically or obligatory left the country to secure his life here in Germany in 2001 August.

Even arriving in germany, the hand which was hited by the bullet was disturbing him, to that he had to go to hospital for a medical checkups. I was admitted in hospital of Zerbs in the former "landkreisRosslau" which is now "landkreis of Rosslau-Dessau" and had been operated to remove the bullet in his body. The doctors deliverd "Doctors Report" including photographs taken during the time of operation. This Doctors report where been given to a Lawyer called Kohler in Magderburg who himself blocked and refused to give it back to me.

Apart from all these truths my demandes for asyl was rejected despite the threat to my and danger in benin at the same time I demanded a consecutive asyl which was in process befor my abscent. I deposited a new application and reported a for consecutive asyl on 05.09.2008 to which i recieved no decision and no information.

Instead to accor to him the necessary protection, the foreigne office where accusing me that I dont know Benin because he did not present any document. The condition which i left the country was quit urgent to which i could not afford to present a documents. For that reasons he had inquired to bring his birth certificate if necessary from Rep of benin.

Despite all his truth the foreign office of Gäfenhainichen landkreis in Wittemberg were sending him to a Nigerian embassy while he is not a Nigerian by origin or by nationality, his parents where not from nigeria i have no relatives in nigeria. Their accusation is equally based on the punishment to give me "Gutschein" vouchers as surfer me for my innocent and truth. Although "Gutschein " is not my problem but to admit that he is innocent by the foreign office. By doign this, the foreign office are putting his life in danger of death and assasination.


A Membre de karawane pour le droit des asylants et des etrangers
Et the voice refugie forum

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