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[ 03. Sep 2013 ]

Third Statement of the protest march 'Refugee Struggle for Freedom' - From September till September

The protest marches couldn't be stopped by police repression - and reached Munich.

On September 2013, after two weeks of a protest walk threw Bavaria, the protesting Non-Citizens reached Munich - and published following statement.


Today on the last day of 14 days of our way from Würzburg and Bayreuth to Munich, we Non-Citizens take another step of our resistance to move against the suppression, which is applied by the existing system on the one hand by police controls and repression from the authorities and on the other hand by spreading lies as well as populist and unfounded statements in the public.

Thus, we announce once more that we fight for a change of our position in society, namely to overcome the duality existing between Citizens and Non-Citizens, so as to live in an equal position with other people that are naturally having equal rights.

This we will continue since every day in the position of a Non-Citizen can only bring more anger over the social inequality and social status.

Last year at thistime it were the lastdays before theprotest marchto Berlin.Today, one yearlater, wetake the last stepsof theprotest marchto Munich.

Why and howhistory repeats itself?

Is it notsoas weannounced itthroughout the wholetimeof these streetprotestsover and over again: Thisis an overallresistance toa system thatis unequaland unfair. Which reasonto prove therightfulnessof our resistanceandour strugglecan be givenexceptthe existence of the systematicsuppression, which from the beginningof theprotestmarchtoitslast daywas committedagainst us. This happens by the hand of the state, the allegedly "civilised, democratic " Germany, and by any means: From arrests, physical violence, threats and so on, till they get rid of us, till we get off the way, till we keep our hands off this. In doing so, they support themselves on exactly those laws, that our movement is directed against and that we are countering conciously with disobedience. Because as we have have announced it again and again: We don't respect any laws which don't respect us!

Who can deny the power and energy that is out of control and comes from a rage, which is overflowing and bringing the blood in our venes to the boil after every news of a suicide of an asylum seeker, after every news of the deportation of an asylum seeker, of people like us!

The power of our steps which is strengthening and stabalizing our self-confidence and is bringing our movement to flowing through the streets over and over again, it is also bringing us to the meaning of life.

The street, though, is the only place in which we believe that we can find each other, ourselves, share our common pain, become one and spread, within a sleepy society, self-estranged within a poisoned system in the bounds of laws and states, that do not know about freedom and equality.

When the moment comes that the police, fully armed, comes to the point of smashing us, when in this moment we look each other in the eyes, we believe each other without even having to speak in words, feel each other, know with our inside conciousness that we are not alone and that our rear is covered. And when we tie our hands with each other and scream with one voice then the conviction melts with our minds and bodies, so that there is no other way than the resistance. An organised and united resistance, because for the change of the current catastrophic situation there is nothing else possible than the daily resistance. Therefore from September til September because that is how long we already are on the way.

In this regard, history doesn't repeat itself because this is still the same resistance which flows in the course of the history. It is the course of the history, which is formed by struggle and resistance, by our resistance, those pushed to the fringe and held below, whose existance nobody from the middle of the society would even notice, if we wouldn't rise.

And we are a part of this history without beginning, today in this geographical location. A history which is condemned to be continued by the decline of the slave keeping Rome up to the decline of the capitalist Rome. Because we are convinced for the attainment of liberty and equality we have nothing to loose except our chains.

The protesting Non-Citizens of the "Refugee Struggle for Freedom"