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[ 24. Jul 2015 ]

The silent mayority says YES

ja, yes

From Sunday, July 26th 2015, 5 pm onwards, there will be an public act in front of the Opera (Karajanplatz), 1010 Vienna.


The silent mayority says YES
YES to the immediate provision of refugee accomodations fit for human beings.
YES to more rights for refugees,
YES to different refugee policies.

From Sunday 26th of july, 5 pm onwards we want to continuously read texts, give lectures, make performances, show the situation out of the perspectvies of refugees, comment hate postings, offer training courses on refugee politics, refute racist arguments etc.

If you want to read or perform, please contact Bernhard Dechant (berndech (at), 0676 7254417 to coordinate.
See the Call on facebook: :: here

Texts to be read:

Die schweigende Mehrheit sagt JA
The silent mayority says YES
La mayoría silenciosa dice que SÍ
La majorité silencieuse dit OUI