[ 05. Nov 2002 ]

netstrike against

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Bild daneben ist ein screenshot der "unerreichbaren" site
Answering to the call for action launched from the Noborder network for a week of mobilization from the 12 to the 19 of October against the IOM and against the lager camps for immigrants, we propose a netstrike and a campaign to create awareness on what is the AILE


This call is directed to all those activists who participated to the Noborder camp and to anyone who is interested in doing coordinated actions for freedom of movement with the Noborder network, freedom of movement between countries and in the cities, for the rights of the immigrants and for the free circulation of knowledge. Governments and international organisms (IOM, international organism for migrants) for years have imposed a ruthless regime towards independent migration. A real war, with it"s terrible bulletin composed of murders, interments, deportation, lagers and shipwrecks. A war that is played on the skins of thousands of women and men forced to undergo all sorts of humiliations and violence"s at the borders and in the territories of the rich western countries. The devices that the enemies of the freedom of movement have go from guns to lagers going on to always more sophisticated weapons, like computerized data bases that constitute a new barrier: a virtual border, that are as inflexible as the police at the frontier in deciding about the freedom of movement of individuals.

The AILE (anagrafe informatizzata dei lavoratori extracomunitari, computerized registry office for non-European workers) is together with the Sis (Schengen information system) one of the devices, that was promoted by the IOM, created to "answer to demand of the Italian contractors and more in general for the requests of the work market", so for an immigrant to enter in the data base means yes entering
in Italy... but it also means not being able to move freely!! If he/she enters, he/she enter already as a slave, and is here only because he/she has immediate workforce to sell... the need of profits of the managers is placed before the right of movement of individuals. The system works like this: the migrant with papers goes on the AILE web site, he/she downloads the papers that he/she has to fill with his/hers personal data, with professional qualifications in his/hers own country (ISCO code) and work experiences in other countries (NSCO code). On the registry there is a search machine (that is already active even if there are not many people registered) where "good contractors" can choose according to age, work experiences and languages talked who to employ... The AILE is a ulterior barrier, the key words work as an element of discrimination, of choice and refusal. all of these materials compose the infamous scenery that forces women and men to live many and many difficulties, accumulating misery upon misery and erasing any form of dignity. Follows a series of interesting documents about the AILE and the IOM and other similar stories

For this reason we don"t want to let the AILE pass unobserved and let it carry on operating in silence creating new borders. On the 17th of October, from 3pm to 6pm we would like to make the site became a target for a new action in solidarity with all the migrants and to demand freedom of movement. We are aware of the time limits to organize this action and the necessity to spread this action in a very short space of time (also the necessity of political support to build this action).
So we invite everyone who is interested to write to us to our mailbox mw4k (at) for your considerations, criticisms, adhesions and proposals, so that we can decide whether to launch or not the net strike (the circulation of information on the IOM and the AILE will take place anyway). you can post e-mails on our mailing list at mw4klist (at) or find us in chat on #mw4k