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  1. Anti-Deportation Kampagnen / Campaigns

    Eine weitere Linkliste auf -- More links in

  2. Anti-Frontex Days, Warsaw (broken link)

    18. - 23. May 2012: Stand up against Euro Apartheid!
    Throughout May and June, as Euro 2012 will take place in Poland, Frontex will celebrate its 7th anniversary in it's headquater in Warsaw. The Warsaw noborder collective and occupied social center Syrena invites all to a week of actions against Frontex and Euro Apartheid 2012.

  3. Antirassistische Camps (broken link)

    Gegen Abschiebung und staatlich forcierten Rassismus - Eine Übersicht mit Links zu antirassistischen Camps. (siehe dazu auch die rubrik noborder action auf

  4. Antirassistisches Aktionscamp in Hamburg 2008 (broken link) dokumentiert die Mobilisierung zum Antirassistischen Camp 2008, welches vom 16. bis zum 24. August 2008 in Hamburg stattfinden wird. Das Camp begreift sich einerseits als Weiterführung der Grenzcamps, bezieht sich aber auch auf die spektrenübergreifenden Mobilisierungen gegen den G8 in Heiligendamm 2007. Zur gleichen Zeit und am gleichen Ort findet ein Klima-Camp statt. Die Camps werden aufeinander abgestimmt.

  5. Art and Activism Caravan 2006 (broken link)

    Border crossing project travelling from Greece (early June 2006) via Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary to the eco-activist gathering Ecotopia in Slovakia (August 2006). Supporting and connecting local youth groups, their actions and campaigns with the power of creative activism, the Caravan will share skills in the field of media, music, theatre, and street performance.

  6. Association for Borderlands Studies

    The Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS) is the leading international scholarly association dedicated exclusively to the systematic interchange of ideas and information relating to international border areas. Founded in 1976 with the original emphasis on the study of the United States-Mexico borderlands region, the Association has grown steadily. It now encompasses an interdisciplinary membership of scholars at more than one hundred academic, governmental institutions, and NGOs representing the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.

  7. Thema Migration (Archiv) (broken link)

    Gesammelte Berichte aus dem Newswire und aus anderen Medien zum Thema Migration und Widerstand gegen Grenzen.

  8. baxter 2003 (broken link)

    Information on the No Borders Camp near the Baxter detention centre, Australia, April 18 -20, 2009 (collected by no no one is illegal Melbourne).

  9. Bürengruppe Paderborn - Bewegungsfreiheit weltweit!

    Die Bürengruppe Paderborn ist eine antirassistische Gruppe gegen den Abschiebeknast in Büren und für globale Bewegungsfreiheit.

  10. Beyond Borders

    Make Fortress Europe History - Actions, debate & solidarity against Fortress Europe - No Border Camp.
    Mobilization website of the Beyond Europe (BE*) platform for the No Border Camp, July 15-24, 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece.

  11. bez granic - no borders warsaw (broken link)

    Campaing againt border control, migration management and labour market control

  12. bizegranice

    (fr/de) Reports from a journey from Western Europe threw the Balkans to Turkey. You find there something about the situation of Roma/Romnia, reports from deported people as well as from the Noborders Camp in Siva Reka in August 2011. // Berichte einer Reise von Westeuropa über den Balkan in die Türkei, u.a. über die Situation von Roma/Romnia, Berichte von Abgeschobenen und vom Noborder Camp in Siva Reka im August 2011.

  13. Border Action Network

    "Border Action Network formed in 1999 and works with immigrant and border communities in southern Arizona to ensure that our rights are respected, our human dignity upheld and that our communities are healthy places to live."

    "Border Action Network is a human rights organization in border and immigrant communities. Our mission is to promote safety, equality, dignity, understanding and justice within the human environment and across cultures regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or country of origin."

  14. Border Book Festival (broken link)

    The BBF, founder of the Cultural Center of Mesilla is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit literary, literacy and storytelling organization based in Mesilla, New Mexico. Founded in 1995 by a group of writers, artists, and community people committed to celebrating literature and the art of storytelling in the southern United States-Northern México border region, the BBF believes that literature and the arts can transcend the many perceived orders—racial, ethnic, generational, cultural, socio-economic, and gender-based—that divide our communities. We are a grass roots organization that impacts our local, regional and global community by offering programs that are blueprints of positive communication, interaction, connection and healing between people.

  15. Border Lines

    Reporting from the TransBorder Project of the Center for International Policy (U.S.)

  16. Border Migration Resources

    A list of selected online resources for research and current awareness of U.S.-Mexico migration issues. Compiled by Molly Molloy, New Mexico State University Library.

  17. Border Violence Monitoring Network

    This website documents illegal push-backs and police violence inflicted by EU member state authorities.

  18. Border=0 - Abolish borders from below

    "In order that the no man's land extend themselves to the rest of the world..." - toolbox for all the battles of NoBorder (it/en)

  19. Borderhack!

    noborder protests 2000 and 2001: "Borderhack is a festival of hactivists, border activists and people related to cyber culture. It's a symbolic event to try and find out how the system works." - Perhaps nowhere in the world is the line of economic disparity so clearly drawn as along the Mexico-U.S. border.


    tra-jec-to-ry (tra-jek'to-ri), n. [ pl. -ries (-riz)], the curve described by a body moving through space, as the path of a bullet discharged from a gun: Geom., the curve or surface that cuts all the curves or surfaces of a given system at a fixed angle..... (2002)

  21. borderLands hackLab (broken link)

    The borderlands hacklab is a network of hackers, artists and activists in the San Diego/Tijuana border region. We are creating a space for autonomous technology, that is, technology within autonomous social movements, operating outside of the State or the traditional forms of the left such as political parties or unions. When we say radical above, we generally mean anti-capitalist, anti-war and anti-authoritarian, or pro-decentralization of power.

  22. Calais No Border Camp, June 2009 (broken link)

    (en) From 23th to 29th of June 2009 in Calais a camp for freedom of movement for all and an end to borders and to all migration controls took place.
    (fr) Du 23 au 29 juin à Calais se tiendra un camp pour la liberté de circulation pour tous et toutes et la fin des frontières et des contrôles migratoires.
    (de) Vom 23. bis 29. Juni 2009 fand in Calais, Frankreich, ein Camp für Bewegungsfreiheit und das Ende von Grenzen und aller Kontrollen von Migration statt.

  23. Chaparral respects no borders

    "I started a blog on a couple years ago. This will sort of be a mirror site with several additional options for me and for you. Please check the old site for older posts."

  24. Colectivo Caminando Fronteras

    Apoyo a las redes migrantes, sensibilización, y denuncia.

  25. cross the border (broken link)

    (en) Information on noborder camps in Germany, 1998 to 2000 (german/english)
    (de) Informationen zu Grenzcamps in Deutschland, 1998 bis 2000 (deutsch/englisch)

  26. Databases for Latin American & Border Research (broken link)

    Direct links are provided for resources that are available on the WWW. Subscription databases are available to NMSU students, faculty and staff and generally require that you go through a gateway. (New Mexico State University Library)

  27. deaths at the borders

    This page documents incidents where immigrants have died while trying to enter Europe. The list is by no means complete as it only contains incidents that have been reported in the media. Most of the deaths at the border never make it into the papers.

  28. (broken link)

    A Project from the ORGANIC Collective, San Diego (USA): "In addition, we would like to offer our site, to be open to usage by people all over the world working against borders. With event calendars, open publishing and image galleries, we hope that it can serve as a place to create a global network of movements against borders everywhere."

  29. Desert Storm - not at home (broken link)

    Publication/Documentation on: The Woomera2002 autonomadic caravan, festival of freedoms from 28 Mar - 01 Apr 2002, located in the South Australian desert. (The Woomera Detention Center was closed in spring 2003.)

  30. Dikili No-Border Camp 2008 blog

    "The no-border camp in Dikili/Turkey will take place on 3rd - 7th of September 2008. We are looking forward for your participation, co-operation and collaboration in work-shops."

  31. dilili noborder camp 2008

    noborder-Camp in DIKILI close to Izmir, Turkey from 3rd - 7th of September 2008.

  32. EarthCycles.Net

    "transmissions for justice and peace - community begins with communication" - with information from the Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas.

  33. Espai per a la Desobediència a les Fronteres (broken link)

    Tancarem els centres d'internament!

  34. euro-police - Border Management

    Monitoring European Police - Artikel zu den Themen Grenzregime, Migrationsmanagement und zur rassistischen Abschottungspolitik. (de/en)

  35. (broken link)

    With information on noborder camp in Imatra, July 2004. "Kaikkialla Euroopassa turvapaikanhakijoita ja muita maahantulijoita suljetaan vankiloihin ja kutsuttuihin pakolaisvankiloihin. Silünotossa on kyse rikest lnsimaisten oikeusperiaatteiden loukkaamisesta pelken kansallisuuden perusteella, sille seileünotettuja ei pidete vangittuna minken rikossyytteen tai -tuomion takia - heiden "rikoksensa" on yksinkertaisesti "ulkomaalaisuus". Helsingin Katajanokan seileünottokeskus on suljettava lopullisesti sie sieMetsen."

  36. Freedom Not Frontex: Vienna

    (de/en) Initiative von Aktivist_innen und Geflüchteten in EUropa und weltweit. / Initiative from activists and refugees in solidarity with struggles of refugees in EUrope and worldwide.

  37. Frontera NorteSur

    FNS provides on-line news coverage of the US-Mexico border

  38. frontexwatch

    keepin' an eye on the Kerberos of the EU border regime
    (en) Information on Frontex, the "European Border Agency"
    (de) Informationen über Frontex, die EU-Grenzschutzagentur

  39. Grenzposten

    Grenzposten beschäftigt sich theoretisch mit dem Thema Grenze: "Dabei verstehen wir grenze nicht nur als räumliches Konzept. Wir beschäftigen uns mit räumlichen, körperlichen, sozialen und staatlichen, mit vernüftigen, normalisierenden, wahnsinnigen, ... grenzen und gehen der Frage nach, wie mit Hilfe von grenzen Macht ausgeübt wird, Hierarchien hergestellt und Kräfteverhältnisse reguliert werden."

  40. Group of Immigrants and Refugees is a website managed by the Group of Migrants and Refugees based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It provides information in Greek, Albanian, Russian/Ukrainian and Turkish

  41. Houston Sin Fronteras

    A cluster of folks who shut down the Houston Processing Center, an imigrant detention facility in North Houston, run by the Corrections Corporation of America.

  42. Humane Borders

    Humane Borders, motivated by faith, offers humanitarian assistance to those in need through more than 70 emergency water stations on and near the U.S.-Mexican border.

  43. Imatra No Border Camp 2004

    No Border camp from 9. to 16. July 2004 in Imatra, situated in the southeast of Finland where it rubs shoulders with the Russian border. On the other side of the border - only 7 kilometres away from the centre of Imatra - lies the town of Svetogorsk.

  44. Indymedia Arizona (broken link)

    Border issues - special coverage

  45. Indymedia Estrecho (broken link)

    Berichte aus der Meerenge von Gibraltar, der engen Grenze zwischen Afrika und der EU bzw. Marokko und Spanien (zum Großteil auf spanisch).

  46. Indymedia UK No Border Camp 2007 (broken link)

    The No Border Camp in the UK to be held on 19-24 Sep 2007 to oppose a new planned immigration prison at Gatwick.

  47. :: immigrant rights (broken link)

    Archive of coverage on immigrant rights and noborder issues - collected features and articles from indymedia projects across the u.s.

  48. Lesvos No Border Camp, 25 - 31. Aug 2009

    Information about the Greek border regime and the No Border Camp near Mytilini, Lesvos.

  49. Lesvos Noborder Camp 2009 (broken link)

    Moving the European borders into the centre of critique! - This blog is mobilising to and reporting about the noborder camp which will take place on the greek island of Lesvos from the 25th to the 31st of August 2009.

  50. Luk Lejren - Shut Down the Camp (broken link)

    Shut Down the Camp Initiative - day of action against the Sandholm refugee camp in North Zealand, Denmark on October the 25th, 2008 - massive civil disobedience action

  51. Make Borders History (broken link)

    a tool against global governance and for free movement.

  52. Melbourne Indymedia (broken link)

    Melbourne Indymedia provides a section with information on migration and struggles against borders in Australia.
    (Note: Melbourne Indymedia suspended open publishing in June 2007 and is back since September 2009 as part of :: with the :: section asylum seekers - couldn't find the old migration archive anymore (

  53. Melilla Frontera Sur

    Este blog recogerá las informaciones no publicadas, o la versión no oficial de las publicadas, relacionadas con la situación de los inmigrantes que intentan entrar en Europa o que permanecen atrapados en la ciudad. Naturalmente intentaremos ser lo más objetivos y favorables a la libertad de circulación de las personas, los derechos humanos y la desaparición de todos los muros vallas y fronteras de este mundo.

  54. Mexicanos Sin Fronteras (broken link)

    Mexicans Without Borders is a network of community based organizations located in the tri-state area of Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland.

  55. Migrant Diaries

    The National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights (NNIRR) is a national U.S. organization composed of local coalitions and immigrant, refugee, community, religious, civil rights and labor organizations and activists committed to immigrant rights. (...) This blog documents NNIRR's efforts and experiences in various international arenas including the WTO ministerial meetings, the World Social Forum, the United Nations etc.

  56. Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network

    The Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network is a grassroots, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to fix the broken immigration system in this country. Our strategies include grass-roots community organizing, media justice work, immigrant leadership development, bipartisan legislative work, popular education, civic engagement and using art as a catalyst for social change.

  57. Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Coalition

    MIRAc (...) is an organization that organizes the immigrant community and their allies to try to win legalization for all and equality in all aspects of life. We struggle for legalization, for a moratorium on raids and deportations, and for drivers licenses for all regardless of immigration status. MIRAc was formed in Spring 2006 out of the huge immigrant rights marches. We’ve organized many protests, marches and other activities for immigrant rights in Minnesota since then.

  58. National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Right

    The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) is a national organization composed of local coalitions and immigrant, refugee, community, religious, civil rights and labor organizations and activists. It serves as a forum to share information and analysis, to educate communities and the general public, and to develop and coordinate plans of action on important immigrant and refugee issues. We work to promote a just immigration and refugee policy in the United States and to defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status.

  59. no border action @

    (de) Rubrik mit Informationen zu Grenzcamps seit 1998.
    (en) Section with information on noborder camps since 1998.

  60. no border actions 2004 - coordinating IMC coverage (broken link)

    a lot of no border actions happening this summer ... it seems that many reports were not collected together. If we can collect the info together, we may discover that the amplitude of no border actions is bigger than ...

  61. No Border Camp / Campamento Contra Fronteras @ Calexico/Mexicali (broken link)

    Second Week November/Segundo Semana Noviembre 2007

  62. No Border Camp Rotterdam 2013 @ Facebook

  63. No Border Camp Thessaloniki 2016

    From 15th- 24th July 2016 a transnational No Border Camp is taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

  64. No Border Frankfurt @ Facebook

  65. No border network in Belgium (broken link)

  66. No Border Network in the Netherlands

    "The goal of the No Border Network is fairly simple. Ideally the network should make it possible to exchange information faster, simpler and more efficient. By using the network it has to become easier to inform and mobilize people if actions are being organized."

  67. No Border Serbia

  68. No Border Soli-tours

    Solidariteits-tour langs drie detentiecentra in Nederland, 06. May 2012 - Geen Mens is Illegal!

  69. No Borders Facebook Group

    Global news for activists campaigning for the freedom of movement and an end to migration controls.

  70. No Borders Glasgow (broken link)

    No Borders Glasgow is a network of people committed to practical solidarity, mutual aid and direct action in resistance to migration controls and the persecution of refugees and other migrants. Join us in the fight against dawn raids, detention centres, deportations, exploitation, poverty and racism.

  71. No Borders Leeds (broken link - see

    Close All Detention Centres - Stop Deportations - No Immigration Controls

  72. No Borders London

    No Borders London support all those in struggle against borders, against their incarceration in detention centres, against their deportation, against their super-exploitation as ‘illegal’ workers. We work to develop spaces of solidarity where resistance and life can be developed.

  73. No borders Manchester

    "Noborders is a network of people wanting to take action on the root causes of racism against asylum seekers and refugees. We are against immigration controls. Put simply, we believe that No-one is Illegal."

  74. No Borders Morocco

    No Borders Morocco – Morocco Migrant Solidarity is a lose network of activists-migrants-people, based in/between Morocco and Europe. We try to keep a continuous flow of information from the people based in Morocco towards the wider European and Moroccan public.

  75. No Borders Network UK

    Freedom Of Movement And Equal Rights For All - Information on noborder Groups across the U.K.
    Coverage of No Border Camp 19 - 24 Sep 2007 at Gatwick Airport, UK: This camp will be a chance to work together and to try to stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls.

  76. No Borders Nottingham

    opposing immigration control & deportation of asylum seekers / refugees

  77. No Borders project Ukraine (broken link)

    The project of non-profit organization Social Action Centre first was created in 2006 as informal initiative of grassroots activists in response to unlawful extradition of 11 refugees from Ukraine to Uzbekistan. This initiative' goal was to attract public attention to civic protests and problems of refugees in Ukraine. Among the sphere of interests of "No Borders" activists were freedom of movement, refugees' rights in Ukraine, counteraction to xenophobia and racism in Ukrainian society. (...) Now, together with other human rights NGOs and international organizations, works to protect and promote human rights...

  78. No Lager Action Tour 2004 (broken link)

    für Bewegungsfreiheit. Gegen Ausgrenzung und Abschiebung. "Wir fordern die Schließung aller Internierungslager, aller Lager, aller Abschiebegefängnisse und Abschiebezentren und wir verlangen die Abschaffung des Residenzpflichtgesetzes." (The Voice)
    Tour vom 20. Aug - 5. Sep 2004 durch Deutschland.

  79. No Lager | The Caravan

    Close isolation and deportation camps - no lager!
    Reports from The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants in Germany
    Berichte von der Karawane für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen in Deutschland

  80. No More Deaths

    "No More Deaths is a coalition of communities and individuals of faith and conscience that works to end the suffering and deaths of migrants in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands. We embrace an action plan that includes movable desert camps, support of migrant aid centers, maintenance of water stations, Samaritan patrols that search the desert for migrants in need, and advocacy on behalf of migrant-related issues."


    deportatiNO handelt vom alltäglichen Widerstand gegen Internierung und Deportationen, von Kampagnen gegen Fluggesellschaften und Firmen, die mit Abschiebungen Geld verdienen und von Aktionen gegen Grenzen und Grenzregime.
    deportatiNO deals with everday resistance to detentions and deportations, campaigns against airline carriers and companies that earn money through deportations, and actions against borders.

  82. noborder bulgaria initiative

    Bulgaria without borders 2011

  83. NoBorder Camp Bulgaria (broken link)

    Das NoBorder Camp Bulgarien findet von 25. bis 29. August 2011 in Siva Reka statt, nahe zur türkisch-griechischen-bulgarischen Grenze.
    The Noborder Camp Bulgaria take place from 25. to 29. August 2011 in Siva Reka, near to the borders between Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria.

  84. Noborder camps in Poland

    Archive of reports about Noborder camps in Poland (2000-2002, en)

  85. NoBorder Marburg (broken link)

  86. noborder Netzwerk

    Europaweite Vernetzung gegen Grenzen. Mit zahlreichen Berichten über noborder Aktionen (auf englisch).
    Europeanwide Network against Borders, with many reports on noborder actions (in english).

  87. noborderffm

    Ein offener, anitrassistischer Zusammenhang in Frankfurt/Main. "Neben der Orga von Info-Veranstaltungen zum Zusammenhang von Migration(s-Kontrollen) und Rassismus, beteiligen wir uns an Aktionen gegen Abschiebungen am Frankfurter Flughafen."

  88. (broken link)

    Information on the noborder camp in Patras, Greek, August 28-31, 2008

  89. NoBorders Community @ Facebook

  90. (broken link)

    (de/en) Informationen über das globale Lagersystem -- Informations about the global camp system

  91. Open Borders Caravan @ Facebook

  92. Pictures of Fortress EUrope

    Dutch photographer Piet den Blanken has taken up a ambitious project: he is making a photographic document of the new borders of Europe.

  93. Por la Libertad de Movimiento en Canarias

    Sobre este Blog "Por la Libertad de Movimiento en Canarias" - auf noborderscanarias finden sich aktuelle Artikel, Informationen zu Kampagnen und Dokumente auf spaisch.

  94. Presidio Permanente No Border in Ventimiglia

    The French-Italian border of Ventimiglia is a place full of contradictions. Since the closure of the border in the middle of june 2015 this place has been one of the symbols of violence that characterizes the EU immigration policy... And The Presidio Permanente No Border in Ventimiglia was set up there.

  95. Puente Humano (broken link)

    (es) Cooperación directa basada en la comunicación y coordinación real intercontinental

  96. Senza Frontiere

    Notizie, voci, immagini dalla resistenza al razzismo - Protests and information for freedom of movement - against racism from the Antiracist Commission of Italian Anarchist Federation.

  97. Solidarity Across Borders

    Solidarity Across Borders is a Montreal-area (Canada) coalition initiated by several groups active in defending the rights of migrants, immigrants and refugees. The majority of groups within Solidarity Across Borders are self-organized committees of persons directly affected by repressive anti-immigrant and 'anti-terrorist' laws and regulations in Fortress North America. (en/fr)

  98. Solidarity with Prisoners in Belgium

    International Solidarity with No Border Activists and Other Arrestees in Belgium.

  99. Stockholm No Border Camp, 17. - 24. Jun 2012 (broken link)

    (de) Eine Woche, die von zivilem Ungehorsam, Diskussionen, Filmvorführungen und direkten Aktionen gegen die europäische Migrationspolitik geprägt sein soll.
    (en) A week of civil disobedience, discussions, film screenings and direct action against the European migration policy.
    We are a group who organizes a No border camp in Stockholm. We are all people with various political beliefs and experiences, but share a common vision of a world where everyone can freely move across this globe without ever being called illegal. Our work is non-profit based and has no affiliation with any government, religious or parliamentary groups.
    We organize this camp because we believe that humanity is worth a vision of another life, an existence of mutual trust, love and helpfulness. We want to gather, to share each other’s creativity, to live our vision and to turn our anger against that which makes these things impossible. For a world where local and global compassion and responsibility are not opposites.

  100. Tag ohne Abschiebungen / Day without deportations

    Dezentraler Aktions-Tag ohne Abschiebungen am 30. August 2008 Local action-Day without deportations on August 30, 2008

  101. Te Kedas Donde Kieras (broken link)

    TeKedasDondeKieras (StayWhereverYouWantTo) is an collective which, having observed growing racism in the application of European laws against migrants, offers resistance towards state racism and all that limits people’s ability to move freely. Since no-one is illegal we should stay wherever we want to. (en italiano)

  102. Transnational Chain of Migrationrelated Actions 2008 (broken link)

    In the "heart of the monster": Amsterdam, Sevilla, Torino, Bamako, London, Athens, Warsaw, Hamburg, Malmoe, Ceuta ... Between February and October 2008

  103. Umbruch Bildarchiv - Antirassistische Grenzcamps

    Bildarchiv zu Antirassistischen Grenzcamps 1999 bis 2001 in Deutschland (Photos und Videos).

  104. Umbruch Bildarchiv - Camp 08 Fotos

    Fotoberichte vom Antirassismus - und Klima - Camp in Hamburg vom 16. - 24. August 2008

  105. Updates von den Grenzen - kommentierte Linkliste

    Informationen zum Geschehen an den Grenzen und Migrationswegen über den Balkan in die EU im Sommer und Herbst 2015, nützliches für Helfer_innen und eine Chronologie der Berichte auf

  106. US/Mexican Border: Migrant Deaths

    Since border policies were implemented in the 1990s, thousands of migrants have lost their lives on the U.S./México border. In an effort to honor every life that has been lost on the borders, Coalición de Derechos Humanos/Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras records the number of deaths that are occurring on the border.

  107. Wombles - No Borders (broken link)

    Wombles collectes news and information about anti-capitalist / anarchist direct action, protests and events. The areas we try to focus on include articles on solidarity campaigns for radical prisoners, border / migration struggles, autonomous work place organising, social centres, squatted or free spaces. Link to Topic borders / migration.

  108. Woomera 2002 (broken link)

    Woomera2002 - Autonomadic Caravan & Festival of Freedoms was an event that brought together a diverse range of people and groups - around the remote migrant internment camp in Woomera, South Australia - seeking to create new ways of connecting the struggles around indigenous land rights, new world borders, toxic waste, uranium mining and the not-so-new warlords.

  109. Woomera 2002 Archive (broken link)

    Features from Melbourne Indymedia, Asylum Seeker Testimony, Solidarity Actions and Messages, Personal Accounts, Breaking News, Analysis, Media Analysis, Audio, Photos, Video.

  110. xborder (broken link)

    Debates over border controls and migration processing systems. (A project from Australia, not updated since 2003)