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noborder action

(en) Actions against borders and borderregime.

(de) Diese Rubrik entstand zur Dokumentation von Grenzcamps - und trug auch diesen Namen. Durch die Veränderung der Aktionsformen und die Verlagerung zu den inneren Grenzen, vor allem gegen Lager zur Internierung von MigrantInnen und Flüchtlingen, werden hier nun verschiedenste noborder-Aktionen gegen Grenzen und Grenzregime dokumentiert.

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Call by Coordination against the Evros fence for a demonstration in Evros, Greek / Turkish border, against the fence and the borders, on Saturday, October 31st, 2015.

thema grenzregime griechenland


no border serbia calls for solidarity and direct actions on the borders! Protest at Bapska border crossing on the the international action day on 31st of October 2015.


On Saturday, 31st of October 2015 noborder activists call for an international action day. Here you can read for the protest in Zagreb.


The demonstration on 16th of Otober 2015 held at the Eurostar terminal in St. Pancras Station, London was a great display of solidarity with people living in Calais who are trying to reach the UK. The 'die-in' and rally of 500 or so people that blocked the station for several hours, caused delays on Eurostar trains, hitting the company where it hurts, which is also the only place it cares about.

thema grenzregime grossbritannien


In Calais, up to 4000 people are currently trapped at the border. Large groups have been holding regular demonstrations at the Eurotunnel entrance there, calling for the borders to be opened and the violence to stop.

thema grenzregime frankreich


[24. Sep 2015]

artikel We Are Not Going Back!

In June 2015 the French government decided to close its borders with Italy. In response to this closure, between Menton and Ventimiglia, some of us chose to resist on the rocks near the border, showing the will not to stop, claiming freedom of movement and demanding the opening of the border.

thema grenzregime italien


One more international Caravan and Convoi for practical help to cross the borders starts from Berlin. The aim is to support the blocked people in the border regions of Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia and along the transit routes.

thema antirassistische arbeitspraxis


Eine weitere internationale Karawane und Fluchthilfekonvoi startet von Berlin aus, um die blockierten Menschen im Grenzgebiet von Kroation, Serbien, Slowenien und entlang der Transitrouten zu unterstützen.

thema antirassistische arbeitspraxis


Make Europe, open borders! Starting in Ljubljana / Slovenia on the 26th of September 2015 at 10 am, and going to the border at which migrants will be struggling for freedom of movement.

thema antirassistische arbeitspraxis


In Solidarität mit den Menschen auf der Flucht, mit allen, die an den Grenzen ihr Recht auf Weiterreise einfordern, mit allen, die durch das europäische Grenzregime Kriminalisierung, Verfolgung und lebensgefährliche Risiken erleiden, rufen wir auf zu einer Karawane von Wien an die geschlossenen Grenzen! Start: Sa, 19. Sep 2015 um 8:30 Uhr in Wien.

thema europaeische politik zu migration und unsicherheit


Transnational meeting against borders, racism, exploitation and militarization. The French-Italian border of Ventimiglia is a place full of contradictions. Since the closure of the border in the middle of june 2015 this place has been one of the symbols of violence that characterizes the EU immigration policy.


Es gibt Situationen, in denen eine Utopie Realität werden kann. Dann, wenn wir die Gelegenheit nutzen, die uns der Augenblick gibt. Und so ist es gelungen, in Zeiten der Kriminalisierung von Fluchthilfe, eben diese praktisch werden zu lassen.

thema antirassistische arbeitspraxis


On August 8, 2015 there was a demonstration in Calais remembering the people killed, and calling for the border to be opened. Between 200 and 300 people took part, of all ages, from all of the nationalities living in the jungle, and also many French and other Europeans.

thema grenzregime frankreich


14th of July 2015 - Join the NO BORDERS block at the demonstration! Victor Orban's administration annouced to build a four meter high wall along its 175 km long border with Serbia, supposedly to close off the border in the futile and cruel fight against "illegal" migration. Besides, they want to declare Serbia to be a "safe third country", making it easier to deport back migrants that arrived that way.

thema grenzregime ungarn


On 19th of May 2015 at 3pm in front of UNHCR / UN headquarters, Vienna International Center (next to metro U1), 1200 Wien: protest in the context of the Anti-Frontex-Days in Warschau.

thema europaeische politik zu migration und unsicherheit


Am Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015 um 15:00 findet vor dem UN Hauptquartier - Vienna International Center (U1), 1200 Wien ein Protest im Rahmen der Anti-Frontex Tage statt.

thema europaeische politik zu migration und unsicherheit


Sunday, 1st of March 2015 - Transnational Migrant Strike: No Border Action in Innsbruck and at the border between Italy, Austria and Germany on 1st of March 2015! Call by "Plattform Bleiberecht Innsbruck".

thema 1maerz-streik


[09. Jan 2013]

artikel Aktuelle Lage in Calais

Calais, französische Hafenstadt. Die Stadt, in der mehrere Hunderte von Flüchtlingen um ihr Überleben kämpfen.

thema grenzregime frankreich


Personal and general call out to you folks we love from No Borders Nucleus in Morocco. Hey everyone! We miss you we love you and we want to pass on how things are going and try and inspire folks to join us.

thema grenzregime marokko


No Borders Serbia info-talk about the externalisation of the EU migration policies onto Serbia, situation of migrants in Serbia and the need for solidarity and resistance, both in Serbia and internationally. Thursday, 13. December 2012, 8 pm @ Politdiskubeisl, EKH, 2nd floor, Wielandgasse 2-4, 1100 Wien.


Following report was presented at the No Border Camp in Siva Reka, Bulgaria, in August 2011. It gives an overview on the racist migration policy and resistance in Greece, starting with the December 2008 protests.

thema grenzregime griechenland


The 22nd September 2012 is the 3rd anniversary of the destruction of the 'jungle'. Three years later, over 200 migrants are still in Calais, surviving in terrible conditions. (:: Images / Bildergalerie)

thema grenzregime frankreich


To all our brothers and sisters locked up in Immigration Removal Centres, You are not forgotten! *This is a communiqué from the 'No Borders Network'*

thema grenzregime grossbritannien


A call to share information, coordinate struggles against borders, provide solidarity with people who are affected by borders, displacement, and migration controls, develop ideas and strategies for the freedom of movement...


This article was published in Abolishing the Borders from Below (ABB) issue # 12 in 2003. It is stil relevant. During the enlargement of European Union, Fortress Europe went east. Many noborder protests took place in Eastern European countries during the last years.


Im den vergangenen Jahren wurde in Zusammenhang mit antirassistischen Protesten immer deutlicher, dass ein Agieren im nationalstaatlichen Rahmen gegen Verschärfungen von Gesetzen auf europäischer/internationaler Ebene kaum effektiv sein kann. Auf unterschiedlichsten Ebenen vernetzten sich AktivistInnen. Eine jener Vernetzungen ist das noborder-Netzwerk.

thema europaeische politik zu migration und unsicherheit