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[ 23. May 2010 ]

Brutality against migrants: action at Libyan embassy in Paris - and everywhere?

This is a call to take action in front of the lybian embassy in Paris, France at May 25, 2010 because of the brutal way of the Lybian state as well paid door keeper of the european migration regime ...


... to treat migrants in Lybia be it with putting them in terrible prisons and camps or refoule them. Maybe other people can also organize something at the same day in other european counties in front of the embassies.

AME - the association of Malian deportees welcomes this activist intiative which gives a concrete example of the dynamics of support for immigrant workers in general and the practical synergies in the observation and denunciation of repressive policies applied (against migrants) for the control and management of migraton. This is another opportunity to denounce the mechanism of the externalisation of the control of the external borders of the EU of which Libya is the field of application.

The AME is in solidarity with this demonstration and invites all organizations and support organizations for immigrants and asylum to join en masse to the call to demonstrate against the deportation practices which are tending to become the rule instead of being the exception.

The National Bureau sign the Call for gathering and thank all the good will that contributes to achieving this militant activity for the good law and real justice for all and everywhere.

The AME and the support collective in Mali are in consultation at this time to respond actively to your initiative to make the demonstration an event visible nationally.

Good luck

  • No to the deportation of migrant workers
  • Yes to solidarity with immigrants
  • For no one should be foreign where other humans beings live
  • Because no one has chosen his place of birth, as circumstances affect the lives of people in one place and determine the course of their lives

Activist salutaions to everyone
Ousmane Diarra
President of AME

Good law and good equal justice for all and everywhere

Sign the call for a demonstration on Tuesday 25th May 2010 in Paris

The war on migrants in Libya
Torture, prison, deportations and repressive laws. Call for a demonstration on Tuesday 25th May 2010 in Paris.

On September 30, 2009 Libya expels 153 Malians, 9 December 2009 it expels 149, May 3, 2010, it is again 149 Malians who are compelled to return to Mali.

Beyond evictions there is a criminal conspiracy that has been set up by Libya. Testimonies evoke "thousands of migrants of all nationalities ... prisoners in Libyan jails," they report having experienced physical and psychological torture during their incarceration. 600 African women are incarcerated.

In its anti-migrant escalation, Libya has the support of Europe, including funding of Euro 20 million, specifically allocated to the fight against immigration. But that does not appear to meet the needs of the Libyan leader, who demands Euro 5 billion.

Moreover, like other Maghreb countries, Libya has recently adopted a law called the "fight against illegal immigration." This criminalizes immigrants and those who might help them, prison sentences and fines are given to them.

The signatory organizations:

  • Rebel against the inhuman and degrading treatment of migrants.
  • Condemn Anti-immigrant measures taken by the Libyan authorities and are calling for the repeal of this law enforcement.
  • Regret that the normalization of relations between Libya and the European Union will sacrifice the rights of migrants.
  • Condemn the cooperation with North African governments in the European Union's repressive anti-migrants policies.
  • Condemn the policy of the externalisation of borders and the total
    security policies conducted by the European Union

The undersigned organisations call for a Demonstration
on Tuesday 25th May 2010 at 6pm
in front of the Libyan Embassy
2 Rue Charles Lamourex, 75116 Paris

Signatures to be sent to: national (at)

Undersigning organisations and call in french @ ::