[ 15. Oct 2010 ]

Why we have to be closed in the camp for one week?

Erstaufnahmestelle Traiskirchen: Noch sind die Tore geöffnet

Letter by refugees from several countries on the intended worsening of the laws for foreigners in Austria.


To the Ministry of Interior, Asylkoordination, UNHCR, Diakonie and several other organistaion.

Respected fellows,

Most respectfully we asylum seekers want to argue, what crime have we commited? What is our fault? Have we killed some one? Have we kidnapped some one? Have we terrored someone? If not, then what is our crime? That we have to be closed in the asylum seeker camp for 1 week.

Unfortunately we are asylum seekers, we are refugees, not any criminals, that we should be closed in the camp. If we can come out of the camp we can buy telephone cards to call our family, 2nd we have to smoke cigarettes so we have to buy cigarettes for us and other needs of us. Why does this law, why does this government want us to be closed in the camp? So we cannot know what is going on out side. We cannot contact Diakonie about our asylum procedure , we cannot get information about the asylum procedure.

First they brought the law that we cannot go out of Baden district, that we cannot get a lawyer for ourselves from Vienna, or get information from Asyl in Not, Caritas, or other organisations. And now they have brought the law that we cannot go out of the camp that now even we cannot go to Diakonie.

Why are they bringing strict laws against refugees? Why are they pressurising migrants day by day?

Or do they have nothing else to do, so they want to play games with migrants. And what they want finally that in one week those who have finger prints will be in Rossauer Lände, which is a prison.

They should not forget that once upon time they were also migrants, Austrians were also migrants so they were migrating to other countries; now if we are migrants they must have sympathy with us because they were also migrants in the past.

And what does pressurising mean on poor refugees? If Austria does not want to accept migrants anymore, they should say in the media and newspapers that Austria will no more accept migrants so that poor migrants should not come any more to Austria for wasting their time and being prisoners.

So in conclusion we would like to say that stop u r kind laws on refugees, show sympathy to poor refugees, and this law should be finished. In the beginnig we could not go out of Baden and now we cannot go out of the camp - tomorrow the Austrian government will pass another law to tense migrants. And the Austrian government thinks that if they lock up migrants in the camp, that after they receive their negative they cannot go to any other European countries, and they will be deported soon to Greece or Hungary; but they shouldnot forget that if a person can come from Afghanistan to Austria and can pass the most dangerous borders, can cross the mountains, rivers, forests which has a lot of wild animals - for that person coming out from the camp will not be such a big problem; but we respect the Austrian law, the Austrian police, so they should also care about us. We will be thankful to them and hope that in the future we will be good migrants and residence of the city or country.

This law which is passed on this 19th october 2010 has disappointed migrants a lot, and it shows a law of racist people, it shows that Austria has a racist government. God has created us for the whole world, that we can go anywhere in the world, there is no border except we human beings made borders ourselves. Thanks.

No border, no nation, stop deportation.

Yours obediently, Asylum seekers from several countries in Austria.