[ 21. Jun 2012 ]

Protest against the deportation of Omar D.

On 21st of June at 9.40 am, Mr. Omar D. shall be deported with Brussels Airlines from Vienna/Austria via
Brussels to Banjul/Gambia. Send protest letters to the airline and come in the morning 7:30 am to the Vienna Airport to protest against the deportation.


Send following protest letter to Brussels Airlines:
securitytso (at)
vienna (at)
fax: 0032 272 337 07

URGENT: Deportation of Mr. Omar D. on 21st of June, 9.40 am, with flight 2902 from Vienna via Brussels to Banjul/Gambia

Cancelling of the flight urgently required!

Dear members of Brussels Airlines security staff,

tomorrow, on 21st of June at 9.40 am, the Gambian citizen Mr. Omar D. shall be deported with the flight 2902 from Vienna/Austria via Brussels to Banjul/Gambia. We want to inform You that because of his desperate situation, Mr. Omar D. is not ready at all to return to Gambia voluntarily.

For this reason, he announced that he's going to resist against the deportation on board of the plane, if he has no other chance to stop it. For reasons of flight security, You must urgently stop the transportation of Mr. Omar D. immediately to avoid troubles inside the plane and physical harm that might be done to Mr. Omar D. by the Austrian Border police!

Mr. D. has been living in Austria for 8 years, he's living in Vienna together with his girlfriend and their 4 year old son, called J. The deportation is not only a threat against the live of Mr. D., but will also tear apart his family. For this reason, the deportation is a violation of article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights, regarding the well being of children and the respect of family live. Moreover, the deportation of Mr. D. is a violation of Austrian constitutional law concerning the well being of children, as Mr. D.'s son is an Austrian citizen!

We suppose that You are not interested in carrying out an illegal deportation violating both European Convention of Human Rights and the Austrian constitution!

We want to inform You that in the past, there were cases of pilots of Brussels Airlines who refused to carry out a deportation flight because of resistance of the deportee and because of the inhuman conditions of the case. You should also consider that there were repeated cases of deportations from Austria that were later on found to be illegal by European institutions!

Please consider that on board of a plane, the only one who is responsible for the safety of the passengers is the pilot, not the Austrian police! It's the responsibility of the pilot to refuse the transportation of a passenger for reasons of safety during the flight!

We urgently appeal to You not to transport Mr. Omar D. against his own will and against his desperate resistance! Don't carry out an illegal deportation, don't risk any safety problems during Your flight!

In case that You still carry out the deportation of Mr. Omar D., it's possible that in future, I will choose not to book any flight with Brussels Airlines.

With most friendly regards and expecting Your responsible descision,