[ 11. Dec 2017 ]

Protest Against Deportation Airline!

Flight information: MMX -> KBL

A charter deportation from Sweden via Austria going to Kabul, Afghanistan will take place on Monday, 11nd of Dezember 2017 with the british "Titan Airways". Protests in Sweden and Austria - be part of it!! Please call the deportation airline, fax, send your protest email...


#titanairways #stopdeportations #afghanistanisNOTsafe #stopvieafg

Here some sample words for the protest letter. You can use it or write your own protest note.

Please add to your E-Mail / Fax the subject line:

Attention! Stop that flight!

Flight number ZT8391
Start: 11. December 2017, 22:30 Uhr in Malmö, Stop in Vienna
Arrival: Kabul on 12. December 2017


Phone: +44 (0) 1279 680616
E-mail: safety (at), charter (at),
recruitment (at)

Dear staff of Titan Airways, to flight security and to whom it may concern,

Titan Airways is operating a deportation flight on December 11th from Malmö via Vienna to Kabul. Flight number ZT8391. We kindly and desperately ask you to cancel this flight. With this flight you are helping governments violate human rights. Afghanistan has seen an increase of violence in the past months and years and is far from safe. On September 27th, just a few weeks ago, there was a rocket attack by the Taliban on the airport you will be flying to. For the safety of your crew and all the passengers, we ask you to cancel this flight.

We also want to remind you that your pilot is solely responsible for the safety of passengers and staff on board. The pilot has the power and the responsibility to exclude passengers from the flight due to safety concerns. On board of an aircraft, the pilot is the only one in charge of that decision, not the police. Based on the reasons given above, it is the responsibility of Titan Airways to cancel the deportation. We implore you to not do business with entities that violate human rights on a daily basis, as fair asylum procedures, freedom of movement and protection!

Respectfully yours"
(... name... )