[ 27. Sep 2012 // letzte änderung: 01. Oct 2012 ]

Refugee activists shame Thai airways for role in deportations

Thai Airways deports Refugees

On Friday, the 14th of September 2012, the Refugee Action Collective held an action outside Thai Airways' offices in Melbourne to bring attention to the airline's shameful role in deporting refugee Dayan Anthony back to Sri Lanka.


Following a recent ruling in the High Court, RAC is urging refugee activists to be on alert to respond to further deportations. As many as 250 refugees could be deported following the High Court case and many will leave via Maribyrnong Detention Centre in Melbourne's West and fly via Thai Airways back to places such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The government claims it is safe to send asylum seekers back there but we reject this entirely.

Thai Airways should not have any role in deporting refugees. We are urging people not to fly Thai in response, to help us make their name mud for sending refugees back to danger and for workers inside their unions, including those working for Thai Airways, to help to stop deportations.

Source ::, 24. Sep 2012