[ 19. Aug 2015 ]

21. August 2015: Day of protest against Air France KLM deportations

On 21st August 2014 a 51-year-old Algerian man was killed at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris during a deportation attempt. One year later, activists are calling for a day of protests to demand that Air France and KLM stop all deportations.


Air France KLM relies on maintaining a good image to attract passengers, and its spends vast sums of money on advertising.

We believe that Air France KLM can be shamed into stopping deportations by publicising the reality about the airline: that it is involved in the deadly business of deportations.

Therefore we encourage people to be active on social media channels to stop deportations, for example:

:: KLM Facebook page

:: KLM Twitter page

:: Air France Facebook page

:: Air France Twitter page

You can also complain via KLM's website :: here.

Here is an example of a :: Facebook post questioning KLM (in Dutch). The post says 'Why do you cooperate with deportations. Do you have any ideas what the consequences are?'. The answer from KLM is the standard one: 'we do it following requests from authorities. It is not unusual that airlines do it, so KLM is no exception'.

If you are on a plane where there is a deportee, here is some explanation of what you can do to :: try to stop the deportation (:: in german here).

There is also a :: video on YouTube giving further information.

For more information about deportations by Air France and KLM, please go to ::

Stop all deportation flights!
Freedom of movement and settlement for all!

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