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[ 13. Oct 2012 ]

Protest of Somali Refugees in Vienna

Stop Dublin II Deportations - Somali Refugees Protest in front of Austrian Parliament

Like refugee movements in Germany and in the Netherlands, also in Austria more and more refugees are going on the streets to protest for their rights. From 10th to 12th of October 2012, Somalian refugees protested in front of the parliament.


On 10th of October, almost 250 Somali refugees, together with supporters, made a protest demonstration from the national asylum office in Vienna to the Austrian parliament. After this, some of the protesters stayed at the parliament for 2 days and 2 nights to make a permanent rally for ending their unbearable situation.

Many of the Somali refugees in Austria are refused refugee status, so that they receive only a limitted "subsidiary protection" or a complete rejection of their case, so that they are denied many of their rights and excluded from the society. There are also many Somali refugees who are excluded from the Austrian asylum stystem through the "Dublin II"-convention and deported to other EU-states like Hungary, Slovakia or Italy.

The basic demands of the Somali refugees:

  • Quicker asylum procedures
  • Admission of asylum status of Somalian Refugees
  • Right for family reunion
  • Stop Dublin II deportations
  • Access to labour market


Documentation (in german) of the refugee protest:

Articles in German and Somali

:: Gerechtigkeit für somalische Flüchtlinge (01. Oct 2012)

:: Probleme von somalischen Flüchtlingen in Österreich (09. Oct 2012)

Starting demonstration:
:: 'Wir wollen Asyl' - 50 Stunden Flüchtlings- Protest haben begonnen (11. Oct 2012)
:: Photos from demonstration and protest camp on 10th of Oktober 2012

Protest camp:
:: Zum Protestcamp somalischer Flüchtlinge vor Parlament in Wien (12. Oct 2012)
:: Photos from the second night in the protest camp, 11th to 12th of Oktober 2012

Final declaration:
:: Abschlusserklärung des Protests somalischer Flüchtlinge in Wien (12. Oct 2012)
:: Photos from delivering of the final declaration by Somalian Refugees to the Parliament

Press releases by supporters:
:: 10. - 12. Oktober 2012: Demonstration und Dauerkundgebung somalischer Flüchtlinge in Wien (09. Oct 2012)
:: Erfolgreicher Auftakt der Protestaktion somalischer Flüchtlinge in Österreich (11. Oct 2012)
:: Presseaussendung von SOS Mitmensch (12. Oct 2012)
:: Protest somalischer Flüchtlinge erfolgreich beendet - Abschlusserklärung übergeben (13. Oct 2012)

:: (22:38 min)
:: (1:51 min)
:: (06:18 min)

:: Frontexwatch @ (in german)

Photos and Article in Somalian:
:: Pictures and report in Somali @