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Texte und Artikel die sich mit Migrationspolitik und ihren Auswirkungen in großbritannien auseinandersetzen.

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‘Out of control’ Home Office should have been in the dock, not us: Stansted 15 respond to guilty verdict.


The last few years have seen an immense rise in protests inside and outside of detention centres. On Saturday May 7th, 2016, simultaneous demonstrations will be held around Europe to protest against the existence of immigration detention centres. - A call from the UK.


The demonstration on 16th of Otober 2015 held at the Eurostar terminal in St. Pancras Station, London was a great display of solidarity with people living in Calais who are trying to reach the UK. The 'die-in' and rally of 500 or so people that blocked the station for several hours, caused delays on Eurostar trains, hitting the company where it hurts, which is also the only place it cares about.


Prince Kwabena Fosu, a 31-year-old man from Ghana, is one of a long list of people who've died in Harmondsworth detention centre. He died in solitary confinement after an apparent violent interaction with a GEO Group guard on October 30th, 2012.


On 30 October 2012, a man was found dead at Harmondsworth removal centre in west London.


Another Death of a Detainee in Harmonds- worth IRC -- Management at Harmonds- worth IRC posted a notice on Tuesday 30th October 2012, informing detainees of a "Death of a resident" saying no more than "we regret to inform you of the death of a resident" No further details were given, no name/nationality and manner of fatality.


On 12 October 2012, campaigners will mark the two-year anniversary of the death of Jimmy Mubenga, the 46-year-old Angolan migrant who died in 2010 at the hands of G4S security guards 'restraining' him on board a British Airways flight during his forcible deportation to Angola.


Despite the repression suffered by Yarl's Wood detainees who've dared protest in the past, a group of women currently detained in the centre have formed a Movement for Justice group. They came together and issued the following statement.


A blockade of Colnbrook and Harmonds- worth detention centres on 19 September 2012 held up the UK Border Agency's planned deportation of Tamil refugees back to the killing fields of Sri Lanka. With one person D-locked under a deportation coach, the blockade held for 3 1/2 hours, long enough for the deporters to miss their flight slot and for 35 people to get off with legal injunctions.


On September 19, 2012, activists blockade the Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre to prevent detainees being taken to the airport and deported to Sri Lanka. The blockade was succesful and dozens of people taken off flights due to last minute injuction.


What are the implications of the ground-breaking report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel for the families of those who die in police, prison and psychiatric custody?


To all our brothers and sisters locked up in Immigration Removal Centres, You are not forgotten! *This is a communiqué from the 'No Borders Network'*


"Sex, Work and the Olympics", "Reconstruc- ting Schengen" und "Challenging the mainstream narrative on migration": Die NoBorders Convergence in London thematisierte dies und vieles weitere. Eine spannende Woche voll Austausch, leider aber weniger fokussiert auf Aktion als geplant. Im Sommer zwei weitere Camps.


Charter-abschiebung von London Heathrow nach Ghana blockiert. Aktivist_innen ketten sich vor beiden Ausgängen des Abschiebeknastes an Betontonnen. Blockade dauert mehrere Stunden. Abflug des Charterflugzeuges stark verzögert. Dies ermöglicht einigen der Abzuschiebenden Rechtsmittel auszuschöpfen und nicht mehr abgeschoben zu werden! Aktivist_innen noch in Haft, heute Gerichtstermin.


Unsafe Return. Refoulement of Congolese Asylum Seekers - A report on Congolese clients of Justice First who had been removed from the UK to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


About deportation charter flights from UK to Nigeria: Reasons for people leaving Nigeria, the role of multinational companies in maintaining violence, asylum and deportation procedures in the UK and the collaboration of the Nigerian authorities.


July / August 2011: Is it significant that two people have been found dead in two different detention centres in as many days - and three have died in a month?


Die Londoner No Borders organisieren zusammen mit Studierenden vom Goldsmith College und anderen Gruppen ein einwöchiges Zusammenkommen [convergence], das in London 13. bis 18.02.2012 stattfinden wird.


London NoBorders, along with Goldsmiths students and other groups, are organising a week-long convergence to be held in London between 13 - 18 February 2012.


A well-attended vigil was held on 14th October 2011 to commemorate the death of Jimmy Mubenga one year ago. He was an Angolan asylum-seeker who died from asphyxiation at the hands of deportation escorts on British Airways flight 77, 12th October 2010.


Larne House, the first detention centre in Northern Ireland, has opened.


Recent news from the campaign for justice for Jimmy Mubenga.


[22. Nov 2010]

artikel twelve eleven ten

Consider this. We were marching on a working day, a Friday, in central London. It was a very specific demonstration, to demand justice for Jimmy Mubenga and justice for his family.


Outrage greeted French prime minister Sarkozy's description of the mass expulsion of Roma as 'voluntary' - but what is the reality of voluntary return programmes in the UK?


Three G4S security guards are accused of causing the death of Jimmy Mubenga, who died during his forcible deportation on a British Airways flight to Angola on 12 October 2010.


The futility of indefinite immigration detention is laid bare in a recent report by the London Detainee Support Group (LDSG), No Return No Release No Reason.


Statement by London Detainee Support Group (LDSG) on the killing of Jimmy Mubenga during a forcible deportation on 12th October 2010.


The paper reported that on the plane Jimmy was energetically resisting deportation. No, he was energetically resisting the imminence of protracted hunger and poverty; he was resisting an unjust economic order that skewered his country resources away from him to the benefit of western powers.


Detainees in Dover immigration detention centre have issued a statement demanding an official investigation into the death of fellow detainee Jimmy Mubenga, who died during his forcible deportation on a British Airways flight to Angola on 12 October, 2010.


The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) publishes a report on deaths of asylum seekers and migrants which damns government policies for putting vulnerable people at risk: Forty-four people have died between 2006 and 2010 in the UK.


Jimmy Mubenga was suffocated to death by three G4S guards who were forcibly deporting him to Angola, they used handcuffs and 'restraint' techniques which involved putting pressure on his back and pushing his head into his lap.


Der britische Minister für Einwanderung, Damien Green, verkündete bei der Eröffnung des größten Abschiebe- zentrums Europas, dass mit illegalisierten Migrant_innen nicht länger "sanft" umgegangen werde.


Harmonds- worth IRC, managed by GEO Group UK, is now back to full capacity after being partially made uninhabitable by frustrated detainees in November 2006.


Most asylum seekers in the UK are forced to 'sign on' at a nearby immigration reporting centre on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly). This involves finger-printing and re-activating their biometric ID cards.


Another week of the election, another week of scapegoating migrants equals another week in which the deportation machine strides on; imprisoning men, women and children before deporting them to wherever is most expedient.


[15. Apr 2010]

artikel Eliud Nguli Nyenze

A 40-year-old Kenyan man died on 15th of April 2010 at Oakington removal centre in Cambridge after apparently suffering a heart attack.


A mass hunger strike by migrant women detained at Yarl's Wood immigration prison in Bedfordshire has been ongoing since 5th February, 2010.


On Thursday, 15. Oct 2009, early morning, a specially chartered plane provided by Air Italy deported 39 people from London to Baghdad. Activists call for a demonstration on Saturday and a campaign against Air Italy.


The first mass deportation flight from the UK to southern Iraq is expected to leave on Wednesday, 14. Oct 2009. With protest letters to parliamentarians and a demonstration in London, activist demanding for all deportations to Iraq to be stopped.


The French government's last-minute U-turn on a joint Franco-British deportation charter flight to Kabul organised for 6 October was a victory for refugee and migrant rights groups.


Documentation of a protest against a mass deportation from UK to Cameroon. The removal took place on Thursday, 9th of July, 2009.


After being unable to speak to an Immigration Officer, more than 40 women detained in Yarl's Wood Detention Centre have decided to maintain the hunger strike until their demands are met - now it is 5 days and no news yet.


[29. May 2009]

artikel The Colnbrook blockade

For the second time in less than two months, anti- deportation campaigners blockaded a detention centre to try and prevent a mass deportation flight to Iraqi Kurdistan.


Der Eurotunnel bietet vielen Menschen die Möglichkeit, heimlich von Frankreich nach Großbritannien zu reisen. Die Behörden, die dies zu unterbinden versuchen, überlegen sich immer wieder neue Schikanen. Dabei sind sie immer wieder mit Protesten konfrontiert.


The UK government is creating more 'spaces' at removal centres as part of its drive to deport more asylum seekers.


On Friday evening, 13 March 2009, activist's from Manchester No Borders briefly occupied the constituency office of Phil Woolas, immigration minister and MP for Oldham and Saddleworth.


This article tells about the deporation of an family to Algeria on an Air Algérie flight from London, Heathrow and the deporation of 50 to 55 refugees to Iraqi Kurdistan on a special charter flight from Stansted. Many commercial airlines and coach companies are involved in this deportations.


Press Release by International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR), 17. Feb 2009.


Every day, across the UK, aggressive raids are being carried out at workplaces to root out those without papers. Comment by Frances Webber for IRR News.


Iranian refugee, Nadir Zarebee hangs himself in a park in Longsight, Manchester, UK on Tuesday 5 August 2008 after being evicted from his home by the racist Home Office's NASS-appointed 'accommodation provider' M&Q Properties Ltd. Protesters demanden the end of deportations, racist laws and their realisation.


IRR News has learnt that, on 30 March 2008, a man detained under immigration powers was found hanged at Pentonville prison, UK.


The jury at Southwark Crown Court, after deliberating for days, found the four men not guilty of conspiracy to commit violent disorder. One man was found not guilty on two counts of damaging property, and another was found not guilty on one count of damaging property. No evidence of a plot or conspiracy was proved.


On Monday 14 January 2008, the trial will begin of four men facing charges in connection with a disturbance at Harmondsworth removal centre in west London in November 2006.


On 18. Dec 2007 protesters from the No Borders network blockaded the bases of Immigration Enforcement Officers in simultaneous actions across the UK, stopping them from entering or leaving in vehicles.


Report from the Gatwick no borders camp 2007 with a feminist queer focus.


For the first time in its 11-year history, Tinsley House immigration detention centre at Gatwick Airport saw a lively, though short rally in the afternoon of September 22nd, 2007.


Call for march from Crawley town centre (Memorial Gardens, next to the railway station) to Tinsley House on September 22nd, 2007, Transnational Day Of Action against immigration prisons.


[14. Sep 2007]

artikel Detention Profiteers

The UK has Europe's most privatised criminal justice system. It is second only to the United States in terms of the number of private prisons, which currently hold around 10% of the prisoner population.


A High Court judge has ordered the :: halt of all deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo pending a 'country guidance' hearing for the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in September 2007. The news was a reason for much rejoicing among DRC communities across the country, both inside and outside detention.


From 19th to 24th of September 2007 a noborder camp will take place at Gatwick Airport near London.


No Borders UK calls for an international Day of Action Against Immigration Prisons on 22 September, 2007.


On Tuesday July 31st 2007 over 150 detainees in Campsfield immigration prison in Oxfordshire held a protest inside the detention centre. On Saturday 4th august a riot broke out, leading to 26 prisoners escaping.


Call for contribution to the programme of workshops and discussions during the No Border Camp in the UK near Gatwick airport, September 2007.


The Court of Appeal has ruled against the Home Secretary by upholding the right of non-European nationals, who are in genuine relationships, to marry in the UK irrespective of their immigration status.


From 19th to 24th September 07 we will gather at Gatwick Airport for the first No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work together to try and stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls.


This article by a Human Rights activist and asylum seeker in the UK criticise the use of internment and detention of asylum seekers and immigrants.


Thursday, 12th April 2007, saw a UK-wide day of action to protest against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Early in the morning of 14 March, an Algerian detainee held in :: Campsfield immigration prison in Oxfordshire forcefully resisted an attempted 'removal' by the immigration authorities. Fellow detainees then tried to intervene in solidarity and a riot soon spread in the detention centre, with facilities smashed and set on fire.


There is a history of resistance against detention which goes back to the day detention centres first opened. Uprisings and hunger strikes have always happened inside these monstruos institutions, but they seem to be on the increase, especially in the last five years. This is more than likely a result of incarcerating larger masses of increasingly desperate people.


For the third time in less than two years, a 'charter flight' left the :: RAF Brize Norton military base in Oxfordshire, UK on 12. Feb 2007, carrying 50+ Iraqi-Kurdish asylum seekers, who had been :: arrested and detained from across the UK, to Erbil, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).


A leading immigration lawyer points out the dangers in the UK Borders Bill. By Frances Webber


The UK Home Office have scheduled another 'Charter' flight to northern Iraq for Monday 12th February. It will carry a number of refused Iraqi/Kurd asylum seekers who have been arrested and detained in the last fortnight. Sign the online-petition against these deportations.


Frustrated at being detained in awful prison-like conditions, often for long periods, the detainees of Harmondsworth detention centre, near Heathrow, have 'gone wild'. Around 10pm on 28 November, 2006, a group of detainees started a riot in Wing B after a guard switched off the TV preventing them from watching a report about Harmondsworth, and it soon spread to all 4 wings.


32 Iraqi asylum seekers, who had been incarcerated in different detention centres, were deported to Arbil, northern Iraq, on 5 September, 2006, on a specially chartered flight from the :: RAF Brize Norton military base in Oxfordshire.


A conference, hold in London on 24th of June 2006, called by a coalition of groups and organisations against the deportation of asylum seekers to Iraq, called on the government to stop deportations.


In order to obscure the failures of the British justice system, the press is fuelling racist hysteria in Britain by concentrating on the fact that detainees on early release were migrants or 'foreigners' as they are phrasing it.


A last-ditch attempt to halt the deportation of M.R. from UK to Uganda.


In Großbritannien wird versucht AsylwerberInnen mit allen Mitteln abzuschrecken und zu kontrollieren. Mittels elektronischer Fußfessel sollen Asylsuchende überwacht werden.


In a programme co-financed by the European Refugee Fund, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), in collaboration with the Home Office (HO), has intensified its campaign to "urge" both successful and failed asylum seekers to return home, offering them money.


On 19 January, 2006, :: Bereket Yohannes, a 26-year-old from Eritrea, was found hanged in the showers of Harmondsworth detention center near Heathrow.


The first forced deportation of Iraqi Kurds from the UK to Iraq took place on 19th of November 2005. 15 men were taken to an airport at night, handcuffed, beaten and forced onto a military plane headed for Arbil in northern Iraq.


Großbritannien war von Anfang an im Krieg gegen den Irak federführend dabei. Doch den Flüchtlinge von dort wollen die britischen Behörden kein Asyl gewähren. Eine wesentliche Rolle in der geplanten Rückführung von mehr als 20.000 AsylwerberInnen spielt ein Programm zur "freiwilligen Rückkehr", das von der IOM geleitet wird. Jene, die nicht "freiwillig" zurückkehren, sollen abgeschoben werden.


In einer Nacht und Nebel Aktion hat die britische Regierung Anfang letzter Woche 15 Kurden nach Irbil im Nord-Irak abgeschoben.
Folgender Artikel wurde uns von einem Leser zur Verfügung gestellt.


In den vergangenen Tagen hat Großbritannien damit begonnen, verstärkt abgelehnte AsylwerberInnen in den Irak abzuschieben, obwohl es dort weiterhin zu massiven Menschenrechtsverletzungen kommt und der Krieg noch lange nicht vorbei ist.


Five Zimbabwean women have gone on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood detention Centre protesting threatened deportation to South Africa.


The family of 40-year-old Kurdish asylum seeker, Elmas Ozmico, have expressed concerns at a recent inquest verdict into her death that found that she died of natural causes. Concerns centre around the fact that despite asking for medical help she was not taken to hospital until 19 hours after she arrived at Dover.


[18. Nov 2004]

artikel Death in UK detention

November 2004: The independent race and refugee news network (irr news) reports four self-inflicted deaths of asylum seekers in British prisons or immigration removal centres so far this year.


Following the two deaths in Immigration Removal Centres last week, there will be a series of demonstrations this weekend across the UK to highlight the treatment of immigration detainees. (Press release - 29th July 2004)


Änderungen im Asylbereich sind nicht nur in Österreich geplant.
Im Rahmen der EU wird derzeit über massive Einschränkungen diskutiert. Ziel ist immer das gleiche: Es soll zu einem Rückgang der Asylzahlen gehen.


[10. May 2003]

artikel Asylmodell Guantanamo

Großbritannien will Asylsuchende künftig in "Schutzzonen" außerhalb der EU einweisen...
von Bernd Parusel - Jungle World Nr. 17 vom 16. April 2003


In großbritannien ist der Umgang mit AsylwerberInnen eines der zentralen innenpolitischen Themen. Die Labour Regierung von Premier Tony Blair versucht mit allen Mitteln, die Zahl der AsylwerberInnen zu senken. Blair sprach sogar davon, die Zahl der Asylanträge bis September 2003 zu halbieren. 2002 wurde mit 110.700 Asylanträgen in großbritannien ein neuer Höchststand verzeichnet. Ungefähr die Hälfte der Anträge wurde bewilligt.


Im Yarls Wood-Zentrum in der Nähe von London brach in der Nacht zum Freitag, 15.02.2002, ein Feuer aus. Vorangegangen war eine Auseinandersetzung zwischen Wachpersonal und AsylwerberInnen.
Gute Neuigkeit: das Abschiebelager Campsfield House wird geschlossen.


550 migrantInnen stürmten heute den Euro-tunnel um nach Großbritannien zu gelangen. Die Befestigung der Tunnelanlage konnte für diese Aktion überwunden werden. Die Personen legten (nach unterschiedlichen Angaben) ein Drittel der ca. 25 km nach Großbritannien zurück.


Protest camp going on at Campsfield House, UK since 26th May 2001


Artikels in "Junge Welt" vom 16.5.01, Untertitel: Eigenmächtige Vollstrecker


Delegates from 25 countries attended the conference against immigration detention at Ruskin College, Oxford, on 15-17 September 2000. The following appeal is made to all refugee and other migrant, human rights, anti-racist, trade union and other organisations sympathetic to the call for an end to immigration detention across Europe.


Am Morgen des 19. Juni 00 um ca. 6.00 wurden in einem LKW in Dover (GB - Grenzhafen für Fährschiffe aus Belgien) die toten körper von 58 Menschen geborgen, die versuchten auf diesem Weg nach großbritanien zu gelangen.


Massacre at Dover - 58 "Sans Papiers" found dead Fortress Europe"s Draconian anti-immigration policy underlying cause of tragedy at Dover A lorry became a mass grave for 54 men and 4 women entering the United Kingdom "Sans Papiers".