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[ 05. Sep 2015 ]

Solidarity with the #marchofhope! Support and welcome the refugees crossing the border!

open borders for everyone

Move to the border now! Let's gather at borders and railway stations and keep them open! Welcome all migrants and refugees - Freedom of Movement now!


Hundreds of refugees are presently marching through Hungary to cross the Austrian border. Their march is an extraordinary step to claim Freedom of Movement and to defend their right to live in Europe under human conditions. The refugee's #marchofhope deserves all possible solidarity.

Right now, the #marchofhope has achieved a great success: the Austrian and the German government have declared they let the people from the march and the people waiting at Budapest Keleti station come to Austria and Germany. Buses have started to bring refugees to Nickelsdorf on the Austrian side of the border.

This great, extraordinary achievement is not a result of the good will of Austrian and German politicians who have always defended the restriction of movement through the :: Dublin system. This is a result of the struggle of the refugees who have been challenging the inhumane :: EU border regime through their actions!

We call for moving out from now on to welcome the refugees' #marchofhope. Welcome the refugees at the border and at the railway stations!

Bring them all they need as soon as possible: Blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses, medicaments, hygiene stuff, sun protection, rain clothes, warm clothes, back bags, shoes, water (without gas), children's trolleys and food.

Still, the struggle to remove the borders and to achieve Freedom of Movement and good living conditions is far from being over:

German and Austrian politicians have already declared they will NOT abandon the Dublin rule and oblige Hungary to consequently apply the Dublin rule in future to restrict further movement of refugees.

For weeks, thousands of people have been waiting under terrible conditions at railway stations in Hungary, persecuted and beaten by Hungarian police. Hundreds of people who had entered trains to leave Hungary have been stopped by the police by force and brought to Bicske refugee camp. Refugees in Bicske have been desperately resisting against violent police force, demanding to let them move and not to put them into the refugee camp. One man in Biszke has died under these violent conditions. In Röszke, hundreds of people have broken out from a refugee detention center, but most of them have been caught by the police.

Meanwhile, Hungary is building up new border fences at the border to Serbia and implementing the worst kind of new laws to criminalise migration. For years, politicians of Austria, Germany and other Western European countries have been making pressure on Hungary to stop people from moving. They have always demanded from Hungary to do the dirty job to keep refugees away from their own borders. The same politicians who occasionally shed hypocritical tears about refugees who die on the traveling routes have been strictly defending the "Dublin" system that denies Freedom of Movement for refugees.

It is the migrants and the refugees who are challenging the inhumane EU border regime through their actions. It's the migrants and the refugees who have continued their way against all attempts to stop them! It's the migrants and the refugees who are breaking border fences that separate people from each other! It's the migrants and the refugees who don't wait for politicians to give them Freedom of Movement, but who make Freedom of Movement a reality! And it's the migrants and the refugees who daily risk their lives in this struggle!

The great success of the struggle of the refugees in Hungary who have opened up the border is a challenge for us to keep this border open once and for all!

It is a challenge for us to stand up now to abolish the Dublin rule and to end the criminalisation of migration!

And it is a challenge to claim Freedom of Movement and good living conditions for everyone!

Let's make a world without borders a reality!